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That’s the philosophy behind our latest challenge that will help you build healthy habits, self-accountability and motivation while reaching your health, wellness & of course body goals!
Challenge Begins on January 6th!


-1653Days -14Hours -25Minutes -28Seconds

The Full 30 Day Challenge Includes:

Access To Our FFF App

Private Facebook group

Printed workbook mailed to your home

A special visioning session by Ambassador Shabazz

24 x 7 Diva support

Low Carb, Keto and Vegan meal plans

Our Special Guest Ambassador Shabazz

Ambassador Attallah Shabazz is the eldest daughter of Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz.
Recognized as a masterful creator and astute businesswoman, Ambassador Shabazz has been fondly termed by her colleagues as an “ideas architect.” She is a strategist and technician quick to discern the integrity, theme, and ultimate goal of each endeavor while realizing a vision of execution and successful outcome.
She will be speaking to our divas about the importance of creating a vision for your goals, and how to bring it to fruition. We are excited to welcome her for a live session during this challenge!

“Ladies, this challenge has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I received so much more than I imagined, and I’m forever changed. I love your app, and the meal plan was one of the first that I could stick to. I’m an adventurous eater and the menus definitely addressed my love of flavor.”
-Nikia Bennette-Carter




“Diva challenge is perfect for getting your mind geared up to transform your eating, your drinking, your physical and your spiritual being. It is a challenge that will provide daily encouragement and everyone gives input which keeps you motivated. The diverse meal plans are a winner.”
-Roeina Porter



“The support you receive during the challenge coupled with your determination is exactly what you need to be successful. No fads, no magic pills, just good food and genuine care. The app is amazing for tracking all your needs. I am FFF for life!”
-Melita Mitchell


The Challenge Starts January 6th!


I’m the founding coach of Fit Fyne & Fabulous and a native New Orleanian. Although, my small family of 4 currently calls Los Angeles, CA home. I am a proud 40+ year old mom of 2!
While I have worked in corporate America Fortune 500 companies, my passion is service. It has always been my desire to live a life of service to others; which I took every opportunity to explore as an active member of many of my church’s ministries and of my public service sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.
Well, now I am over the top excited to have the opportunity to serve divas through my very own ministry, Fit, Fyne & Fabulous.

Join us on our quest to end the trend of obesity! We have helped hundreds of women lose thousands of pounds over the past 3+ years, VIRTUALLY!!! This, divas, is our virtual fitness ministry!! We look forward to helping you too!!


-1653Days -14Hours -25Minutes -28Seconds

This challenge is LIFE CHANGING! It will equip you with everything you need too accomplish your 2020 Fitness Goals

Don’t need the meticulous structure or daily accountability?

Do you only need a proven and solid plan that works? Are you not interested in the extra accountability? Or maybe you’re short on funds?
Then choose the “VISION/Meal Prep WORKBOOK ONLY” option at check out for only $50