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My name is Garnett McNeill.  I was born and raised in Washington, DC.  However, I now live in Upper Marlboro, MD with my husband and my 13 year old daughter.  I feel like a superhero because I have alter egos.  By day I am a Certified Public Accountant for a logistics firm in Annapolis.  By night I am a freelance makeup artist and Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Diva Coach.

My favorite thing about coaching is seeing the transformations in the women I am helping.  I’ve seen women transform their bodies, minds and spirits.  And I feel proud that I had something to do with it.  My motto is “this journey is a marathon; not a sprint” and my coaching style is tough love.  I will call you out if you go missing. But I reinforce it with love and motivation.  I just want you to do the best that you can without giving up on yourself.  I have been where a lot of these women are, so I know what it takes to get yourself in a better place.

I have lost a little over 35 lbs, countless inches and dropped 3 sizes.  I am on a mission to achieve that “thickfit” physique.  The ladies in this group keep me motivated.  On days when I don’t want to press play, I see someone else going hard.  That gives me the kick in the pants that I need.


Insanity Transformation 15-19-15

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You can also send me an inbox message on Facebook if you have questions before joining our challenges.  My name on Facebook is Garnett Taylor McNeill.  I can also be reached by emailing me at [email protected].

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