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Coach Melita Pope-Mitchell

I am Melita Pope Mitchell, a native of Gary, Indiana. I have made the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast my home at some point over the years. I currently reside in Charlotte, NC with my family. As a veteran educator, I have served in Higher Education Administration for over 20 years. My career has allowed me to work with traditional age and non-traditional age students in the areas of leadership development, multicultural/diversity affairs, career development, distance and adult education.
Supporting and encouraging others comes naturally for me. It is what I do professionally and through my service and social action-based activities. After decades of putting others first, Melita finally decided to make HER a priority. Twenty pounds, 14.25 inches and two dress sizes later, she wants to continue to support other women on their journey. She encourages everyone to β€œMake YOU a Priority!”. Fit, Fyne and Fabulous has allowed me to champion others as they conquer there fitness goals and personal demons around healthy living.

Melita’s Transformation

She lost 20 pounds, 14.25 inches and two dress sizes!


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