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Remember me? The crazy coach who gained weight (25 pounds actually) to show the divas I support it can be done again and again!!! There’s nothing special about me! I have hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure heart disease run all up in through my family tree! Mom, both brothers, sister and my father passed when I was 18 from a massive heart attack… Clogged arteries – 99%-100% blockage!

So you see, the only difference that may exist between you and I is I simply DONT GIVE UP ON MYSELF! I give myself grace to make mistakes and then just keep going!!!

So, even when I caved & ate badly for a whole weekend (stress eating bc the electricity went out for 2 days) felt overwhelmed with all the tasks on my plate drove the kids to baseball, soccer, dance & tumbling all while working full time and maintaining the home while my hubby set up shop in Los Angeles ran out of time and couldn’t meal prep on the days I planned or workout every day like I planned.

Even with all that, I didn’t quit all over myself!! Because I have goals and dreams and aspirations that just won’t work in that old body!!!

So its Transformation Tuesday divas!! Be Ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!!!!