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Hi Diva, I’m Nicole Twyman author of the new book “A 10 Day Meal Prep Challenge for the Intermittent Fasting Diva”. I wrote this book to summarize more than 8 years of research, hands-on support of 1,000’s of women, and my own personal journey with weight loss and health.
My mission is awakening the “Diva” in all women by helping them reach their health, wellness and fitness goals, so they can have that Fit, Fyne & Fabulous body, mind and spirit they have always dreamed of. This mission is urgent and high priority, diva. With 1/2 of all black adults considered obese by the Centers for Disease Control, we have work to do! With many of our black and brown women and men dying of preventable diseases, because they are not privy to basic ways to eat better on a budget, my mission is CRITICAL! 
Join our meal prep challenge for divas who have joined my mission to end the trend of obesity in our communities! This holistic approach to weight loss is unlike any of you have ever experienced. When you join us, you get far more than meal plans and recipes.
Divas who join our Meal Prep challenges experience mental, physical and spiritual support.
Join us and experience a 5 star meal prep challenge that includes:
    • 24 x 7 diva support
    • Access to our meal and fitness tracking app
    • Video lessons to help guide you through the process
    • A beautifully documented book that breaks down step by step how to meal prep, which recipes are best during your first week, how to measure and how to weigh, a planning journal to get your planning juices flowing, a Diva Progress Tracker to track your progress, and a Self Reflection journal page to review what worked and what did not
    • Weekly meal plans that include recipes with pictures
    • A partner and fit sister for life who is on the same journey as you
    • Free prizes are awarded to consistent divas
    • Access to a community of amazingly encouraging women who are motivated to change

So, What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is a nutrition plan that cycles between eating and fasting. The powerful strategy torches calories and boosts energy.
Join us on our quest to end the trend of obesity, high blood pressure & diabetes in our communities!  We have helped hundreds of women lose thousands of pounds over the past 8+ years, VIRTUALLY!!!  This, divas, is our virtual fitness ministry!!
We look forward to serving you too!

Low Carb meal plans
Access To Our FFF App
Workbook mailed to you
24 x 7 Diva support

Read our recent testimonials to hear how THIS program has worked for countless others.

“With this book and ministry and lost 6.2 pounds in just 5 days! You can find multiple books, groups, etc. that promises to tell you how to lose weight, what exercises to do or whatever it is that you’re looking for, BUT Nicole is committed to offering so much more with this book and her commitment to health and overall personal well being. Unlike other books or plans that throws you in without consideration of life, Nicole prepares you for the journey.”
-Roxanne Robin




“The Intermittent Fasting Diva meal prep challenge guide was the key to getting me back on track with my health and fitness goals. The tools and meal plans provided are a great kick start for your weight loss goal. I was elated to have lost 9.8 pounds in five days while following the outline of this awesome challenge. I highly recommend this book if you are ready to set the tone for your health and fitness goals.”
-Angela McLucas



“The book has helped me take control of my body, mind, and soul. In just 10 days I far exceeded my weight loss goal and couldn’t be more excited about how I feel. It really makes you take a hard look at yourself and allows you to conquer your fears while embracing the challenge of change Thank you Nicole for believing in yourself enough you share your love for health and wellness through fasting with the world!! It is a true ministry.”
-Natasha Shank


I’m Nicole Twyman, the founder of Fit Fyne & Fabulous, an online community designed to educate and motivate women about healthy eating and wellness habits. Although my family and I call Los Angeles, California home, I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a proud 40+ year old mom of 2!
While I have worked in corporate America Fortune 500 companies, my passion is service. It has always been my desire to live a life of service to others; which I took every opportunity to explore as an active member of many of my church’s ministries and of my public service sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Now I am over the top excited to have the opportunity to serve divas through my very own ministry, Fit, Fyne & Fabulous.

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Join us on our quest to end the trend of obesity! We have helped hundreds of women lose thousands of pounds over the past 3+ years, VIRTUALLY!!! This, divas, is our virtual fitness ministry!! We look forward to helping you too!!

More Results From Our Divas

“This book details from start to finish all you need to know to make intermittent fasting a part of your wellness routine. In addition to laying out the plan, there are delightful recipes and explanations of why you are doing what you are outlined to do. A must have for anyone looking to incorporate intermittent fasting into their lives. By the way I lost 7 pounds and 1.75 inches in 5 days.
-Melita Mitchell




“The book is easy to follow and gives you several options for intermittent fasting. I followed the plan and lost 8 pounds and 4.5 inches in just 5 days! The book is great, but if you are trying to really make a change; you need to follow Nicole. She is very invested in helping women achieve their health goals. I discovered her at the right time and will be forever grateful for her guidance in my lifestyle change.”
-Sonia Hart



“Beyond the book there is so much support and coaching available from Nicole and her team as well as other ladies on the journey with me. I’ve completed this 10-day journey. I’m down 2.7lbs and 7.25 inches. Even greater than the weight, I’ve been consistent and I’m building new habits that will serve me on this journey to my goal weight and size. I’m proud to have kept this commitment to myself. Looking forward to continuing the journey. I’m motivated by my results from this plan.
-Carmen Caldwell


Get Started Today!

Join our challenge for divas on a mission to be Fit, Fyne & Fabulous! This low sugar, low carb based, 24 x 7 supported challenge uses Intermittent Fasting to supercharge your success. It is JUST what you need to meet your fitness goals!!!

This challenge is LIFE CHANGING! It will equip you the basics for long term success; while helping you lose 8+ pounds and inches in 10 days!

Join the 10 day challenge if you need a huge jumpstart on our weight loss journey.

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