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****SUNDAY INSPIRATION LIKE NO OTHER**** –>YOU SEE, the lady on the left had just undergone reconstructive breast surgery due to cancer yall!

–>The lady on the left was told she would need to undergo 24 treatments of skin burning radiation people!!

–>The lady on the left was not herself anymore, SHE WAS actually STRONGER!!!!

–> While undergoing RADIATION the lady on the left, reached out to me and ask if I could help her lose weight! Really diva? Is this the best time??

–> Is the the doctor okay with you meal planning and working out while undergoing radiation???? a –>JUST 6 weeks LATER, radiation treatments complete, Meet the lady on the RIGHT, the new and improved, stronger because of cancer Angela McLucas!!

Some of pictures have radiation burns reflected, but it’s a part of her journey that you can see here.

So proud of this lady, she is Day 2 of our 12 Days of FITmas!!!!