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Hurricanes like Katrina, destroy more than just your home, they destroy your hope!

Chasity He’Keeps Me’Johnson relocated after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans more than a decade ago.

  • She immediately found herself immersed and completely busy in rebuilding the home she had created with her husband Coty Johnson in a brand new city!
  • She became busy with finding a job!
  • She became busy with getting the boys in school and then helping them acclimate to the new city!
  • She was busy helping her other family members relocate!
  • Before you know it, years had passed, and she looked up and didn’t recognize herself!!
  • She was busy with everyone and everything, BUT HERSELF! She found herself unhappy with her body and feeling hopeless about how to overcome the hole she had dug over the past several years!

She reached out to me, and we established a plan that required her to “put her oxygen mask on 1st”!!

  • 6 weeks later, with a new clean eating meal plan and fun, at home workouts, Chasity was equipped with the tools needed to end the trend of obesity in her family!!!