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****PLEASE READ**** MAY MOTIVATION FITNESS MINISTRY** My fellow NFL wife Katie ‘Carnelia’ Williams personally witnessed my fitness transformation and wanted in!!! What’s so special about this diva, is her husband is an NFL trainer Tyler Williams, and he FULLY ENDORSES our program from exercise to nutrition!! In her words, NOT MINE, “I didn’t have the time needed to make it the gym to follow the program he laid out for me! With the help of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, I was able to get ripped from my home in 25 minutes a day!!!”

Katie works full time in an orthopedic doctor’s office, and is on call multiple weekends in a month. She is also the mother of the cutest toddler I know. So, add that to the demands of traveling husband, whoa!!

She wanted results that fit her busy schedule –> She worked for it and it shows.

So proud of this diva, please join me in congratulating Katie on a JOB WELL DONE!!!