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From one of my favs Kelli Ward:

“Standing in my truth and trying to encourage someone else. I am a plus-girl…been so majority of my life. But, I am a work in progress. I have had some major set backs along this journey since I’ve joined FFF. But, I’m still here fighting. Nicole Dyer-Twyman will tell you….I wouldn’t even post work-out photos in my private diary(I do not like taking photos and majority of the time I hid in the back of group photos). I would only post my Fitbit summary. So, I post this on transformation Tuesday….to say no matter what happens….keep fighting and trust the process(meal prep is where it’s at for us busy people). Thank you to all of my FFF family….I am not the same person I was seven months ago when I began this process. And watch out cause God is not through with me yet. I have a long way to go before I reach my long term goal. I am looking forward to our next challenge. I hope you will be joining me….so we can keep encouraging each other.”