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**I don’t want to be embarrassed, but I do want to help let other women know it’s possible. Do it Nicole, post my story and I hope it inspires someone**

These are the feelings of my girl from high school, my fellow buccaneer from Landry Nicky McGinnis-Palmer presented me with the honor and the privilege of helping her “Snatch her Waist” in our online fitness accountability group.

With our support and love, Nicky snatched more than her waist! She snatched up that devil and told him, NOT ME, NOT HERE, NOT TODAY! I am going to LIVE OUT LOUD for my 10 month old, for my 16 year old, and my wonderful hubby!

Now, just 4 weeks later, my girl has lost 11 entire inches from her waist, YES GAWD! Don’t miss the 36 pounds that will never return, because she is continuing on with us: and that brings me joy I can’t even describe in words to you!

Please join me as I celebrate Nicky!!!! ***CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE PICTURES AND HER STORY