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You see a weight loss pictures here and I see so much more!!!

Meet Trudy (a U.S. Navy Lieutenant) and she suffers from PNES! I had to google it, because I had never heard of it. Well, Psychogenic NonEpileptic Seizures are seizures that look like epilepsy but are actually caused by stress!!

Trudy shared that the seizures were so severe that in some cases she was hospitalized for days at a time while heavily medicated!!

When I say this sister is STRONG, it’s an understatement!! Looooord God, While enduring these attacks from her own body, she sought our help to get her body back in order.

I didn’t know Trudy’s story but God knew! With tears in my eyes for her and her daughter, I am sharing with you how out of 21 days, she would regularly have attacks during 15 of those 21!!!!

Again, I didn’t know my sister’s struggle, but women in our group like Mysteek NaturalHair and Celestine Jackson prayed for and encouraged her to keep going and don’t stop! Assuring her daily that we are here with and for you!!

Now a new 21 days had emerged, 21 days with Fit, Fyne, & Fabulous, Trudy lost weight and inches yes!!! But like I started this post, that is not the biggest testimony!!

For the 21 days she was with us she only had 5 attacks, NOT 15, but just 5!!

Trudy believes (and I whole heartedly agree) clean eating and regular exercise – NOT MEDICATION- has helped her break the cycle of her PNES!!!!!!

If this is not a GOD led ministry ladies and gentlemen, then what is?????? Praising God for Trudy’s strength to fight her non- Navy battle, AND for the courage to share with such amazing transparency to help someone else who may be reading this!!

Here are all of Trudy Shelton’s tips.

Please help me celebrate her today on a great victory!!!!