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fff groupWelcome to Fit, Fyne & Fabulous where we believe:

  • We are blessed only to be a blessing to others!
  • Every woman is a diva who can reach her goals fabulously!
  • Spirituality (being centered) is the foundation of true lifelong weight loss success!
  • Our divahood (a group of divas with common goals and struggles) is huge factor in our success!
  • Meal Planning with clean foods are a requirement to trimming / defining your waist!
  • Meal Planning / clean eating is far more important than exercise!
  • True accountability via assigned accountability partners and encouragers will propel you past your fitness plateaus!
  • Exercise is great to build your endurance and tone your muscles, but abs are made in the kitchen! You cannot out run a bad diet!
  • Hydration is especially important to the weight loss equation. We should strive to drink at least 1 gallon (128 ounces) per day!
  • Proper sleep is a requirement to reach your weight loss goals!
  • Spirituality, Clean Eating Preparation, Hydration, Exercise, and rest planning (yes you must plan your rest!!!) is required FIRST above all else! Too often, we start too soon, without proper planning, and QUIT!

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