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By December 13, 2020February 5th, 202410 Day Meal Prep Challenge

Hello Meal Prep Monday! We’ve been waiting on you. Now that we have planned our week, planned our meals, taken our before STATs, went to the grocery store, NOW, sis… It’s time to COOK!!

But before you start Day 6’s Assignment, make sure you have completed Day 5’s Diva Assignment (click here).


Soooo, we are about to MEAL PREP our meals, right? But have you decided what type of Meal Prepper you are?  Check it out before you get started sis!

The Various ways to Meal Prep

When divas think of meal prep they think of hours in the kitchen, but if that doesn’t work for you, you have many other options. Check out this video to determine, “What Kind of Meal Prepper Are You?”.


🥘 Fresh to Def Diva Prep 🥘

You know the meals you want to eat during the week. You buy the groceries, cut your veggies and season your proteins but you don’t cook. You like all of your meals fresh! You prep twice a week because uncooked protein lasts 2-3 days tops uncooked in the fridge. You don’t like eating reheated meals so you cook daily from your prepped protein carbs and fats. This divas prep consists merely of making a meal plan, buying her groceries, then cutting up veggies and seasoning meats having them ready to cook when she’s ready! #freshtoDEF

🥘 Go with the Flow Diva Prep🥘

AKA Buffet meal prep. You’re not sure of the exact meals you want to eat, so you cook a buffet style of egg, oatmeal, chicken, beef and fish with your fav sides and fruits. Each day you grab and go by combining one serving of protein, carb and fat combo. You basically eat what you’re feeling like eating that day! You don’t like having the same meals daily. You mix and match. This has a fridge of containers that only includes many servings of one food per container. She goes with the flow of what she feels like she wants to eat day to day #flowonDIVA


🥘 Drive-Thru Prep 🥘

It’s an extension of the Fresh to Def Diva Prep. You know your exact meals, you prep the ingredients for your exact meals then you cook then finally you add your complete meals to your meal prep containers. You grab and go each meal along the day, as if your kitchen or your lunch bag is your own personal drive thru.  You don’t have to eat the same thing all week. But don’t get it twisted, you can prep twice a week and change your meals for the second 1/2 of the week. #drivethruDIVA

🥘 One and Done Diva Prep🥘

You don’t like planning, prepping or cooking but you know the value of meal prepping so you pick one meal and plan and prep it only each day. For example so divas prep their breakfast only for a few days but nothing else. You may new to meal prep and want to start somewhere!  You may be on a budget and can only afford to plan out one meal a day. #1andDONEDiva



⏰ The timing of it all… ⏰

Some ladies like to prep once a week.

Some ladies like to prep twice a week.

Some ladies prep every day.

Which one you are depends on your preference, your personality, your patience, your job, your lifestyle, your finances.

🤷🏾‍♀️Sooooo sis, what kind of meal prepper are you?

🙋🏾‍♀️I’ll start! 

I’m a Go With The Flow Diva Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because I change meal choices for the second half of the week, because I don’t like reheating food greater than 3-4 days old. I re-up mid week.


Meal Prepping doesn't have to take hours in the kitchen; nor, does it mean eating the same darn meal day after day. We make planning our meals work for our schedule and our eating preferences! Click To Tweet


Diva Task #1:

Share with me in the comments below the kind of Meal Prepper you are most weeks by filling in the blanks below

I’m a ______________ Meal Prepper  who likes to prep _____ a week, because_____________________.

Remember you can change and adapt based on what’s going on in your life any given week. The goal is to be flexible and not think if you don’t have time to meal prep every last meal in those pretty containers then you aren’t going to eat healthy or meal prep at all.  Don’t be like that sis.  Make sure you check your stinking thinking, and make meal prep happen in some way form or fashion every week. It is not an ALL OR NOTHING relationship with this healthy habit. We can live in the gray! Why? ‘Cause a sistah has health goals, and will make them happen by ANY MEANS, even if I’m short on time! You feel me diva?

Diva Task #2:

POST YOUR IN PROGRESS MEAL PREP OR YOUR COMPLETED MEAL PREP in our FFF app. Don’t forget to tag your partner! Tomorrow is the first day we eat on our Sugar Detox plan. You Read??

Diva Task #3:
If you are a part of our Social Media challenge and desire to win ONE of our free prizes this week, complete this optional task as well. Winners will be announced On #WinningWednesday, 12/23!  

Here’s today’s assignment. Use the picture below and Upload it to FB, Twitter and/or IG and tag Fit, Fyne & Fabulous.  Use these words with your post: Just copy paste sis. “

“Today I learned about the different levels &ways to meal prep. Meal Prepping doesn’t have to take hours in the kitchen; nor, does it mean eating the same darn meal day after day. Listen, we make planning our meals work for our schedule and our preferences! I’m excited today is the day I a meal prep with the divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous! So, go ahead and ask me, what kind of Meal Prepper am I? #SOULprepSunday #sexyBYsummer #sugarDETOX #10daymealprepCHALLENGE #thefitfynefablife”



I look forward to reading in your comments below about any questions you may have about the meal plan.


Be Fit, Be Fyne, Be Fabulous & Detox from Sugar Girl!




“Who Says Fitness Can’t be Fabulous?”

You can reach out to me here:
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Please Note Divas:
If you have any food allergies, digestion issues related to produce or medical issues* that don’t allow you to eat in this way, this isn’t the challenge for you. For example: If you are on medication that limits your intake of vegetables due to vitamin K or have a digestive disorder, this may not be the challenge for you. If you are a diabetic or have blood pressure issues, discuss the pros and cons of a plant-based diet with your doctor or a nutritionist before trying this challenge.

*Medical Disclaimer: If there is any reason why you should not change your diet and how you normally eat due to an ailment, pregnancy, blood sugar issues, chronic illness, allergies or other medical issue, Do Not participate in this challenge. If you have trouble digesting raw or cooked fruits and veggies, this is not the challenge for you. When in doubt, speak with your doctor before joining any weight loss challenge or before starting ANY eating plan/diet.


  • Melanie Martin Ware says:

    I’m a Go with the flow Meal Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because I don’t mind eating the same things over and over again. But I also don’t mind having a variety of healthy things to eat.

    • Joy Jackson says:

      I’m a Drive Thru Prep when I know my week will be very busy. The time saved just grabbing a container is valuable. Prepping this way provides me a sense of calm; KNOWING my meals are ready releives stress.

    • Lynette says:

      I’m def to fresh for this meal plan for the most part. But I change based on the meal plan. I’m fresh to def because I enjoy a fresh breakfast and it’s easy to start my day making smoothies and cooking my bacon in the Instapot air fryer while I whip up my eggs. I do cheat and buy pre cut vegetables cuz I hate doing that. I want my turkey burgers to be fresh and not reheated and it’s super easy to just saute the veggies real quick and add to my broth. I’ll have to cook the shrimp fried rice 2-3 times or hide it because my kids will kill it as fast as I make it. This is the only meal that I’ll reheat. It seems like I’m all over the place but I have a plan

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    I’m a Drive-thru Meal Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because I get tired of eating the same thing and need a fresh variety of food available. #drivethruDIVA

    • Laverne White says:

      This week I’m going to be a go with the flow prepper. Usually I prep on Sunday for the entire week. My husband travels and i like to send meals with as well. However, my work schedule will allow some mid-week cooking and my husband is home this week.

  • Tako says:

    I’m a one and done Meal Prepper  who likes to prep multiple times a week, because I’m a nurse and I have no idea what my shift will be and I’m an emotional eater, so what I eat may be based on my day.

    • Annie G. says:

      I’m a Drive Thru Meal Prepper who plans to prep 2 times a week because it will help me to have healthy already prepared meals based on my FFF program.

  • Sonia Hart says:

    I an Drive Thru Meal Prepper that preps twice a week. Usually on Sunday & Wednesday!

  • Latoya says:

    I am a drive thru prepped that preps twice a week because I like to switch it up but am ok with eating the same thing every day as well as I’m ok with hearing things up…. I’m not a one and done because I may change it up 😊 I typically cook/prep Monday and Wednesday

  • Cheryl Ramsey says:

    Today I am a Go With The Flow Diva Prep. I like to have choices during the week.

    • Mona Dixon says:

      I’m a Drive-Thur Meal Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because it saves me time, I can change it up midweek if I want, and I like to see the end product.

  • Jackie Parker says:

    I am really excited to start this journey. I am a planner and live by my checklists. 1. Personal goals set, 2. 16/8 Fastening Method; 3. Week 1 meal plan complete; 4. Stats recorded with before pictures. I am a “Fresh to Def Diva”. Everything purchased, prepped or the week but I enjoy cooking daily. Since I am working from home I actually have the time to prepare daily meals.

  • Kimberly Kelley says:

    I’m a Drive-Thru Meal Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because I like knowing ahead of time when I’m going to eat, the portion sizes are already set for me and it lets me work my plan, particularly on busy work days.

  • lynette says:

    i am q go with the flow meal prepper who likes 2 prep twice a week because i like my food fresh and i may want to change up.

  • Tonya Longmire says:

    I an Drive Thru Meal Prepper that preps twice a week.

  • Priscilla Toussant says:

    I’m a Fresh to Def Prep Diva, 1-2 times a week, reheating it’s good for everything!

  • Carolyn says:

    I’m a Def diva Meal Prepper who likes to prep 2 times a week, because I don’t mind eating the same thing but sometimes change is good

  • Dee says:

    I am a go with the flow meal prepper. I like to prep twice a week because I like my food fresh and I may want to change it up.

  • Angela Phillips says:

    I’m close to a One and Done although I may need to prep one additional meal in the middle of the week.

  • Varelle Green says:

    I’m a fresh to def diva meal prep. I love to prep my meals so that they taste fresh.

  • Varelle Green says:

    I’m a _____fresh to def____ Meal Prepper who likes to prep __2___ a week, because_______My food taste better this way.

  • Charmane says:

    I’m a One and Done Diva Meal Prepper who likes to prep once a week, because I’m re-starting my healthier eating journey, and and grab these meals to improve the habit of consistency in eating healthy.

  • Rochelle says:

    I’m a Drive-thru prepper 1/2 times a week

  • Crystal Burson says:

    I’m a Go with the Flow Diva Prepper who likes to prep twice a week so that I can have variety to choose from and freshness.

  • Nikimah Williams says:

    I’m a drive thu Meal Prepper who likes to prep twice a week, because I don’t always want to eat the same meal 2 days in a row.

  • Kim Walker-Lawrence says:

    I’m a a Drive-Thru meal prepper, because I know what I want to eat and will meal prep twice a week.

  • Cheryl Dezelle Smith says:

    I am the Go with the Flow Diva Prep

  • Danesha McLaughlin says:

    I’m a “One and Done Diva Prep

  • Michelle Smith says:

    I’m a Drive Thru Meal Prepper who likes to prep once_ a week, because I’m new to this and I know I get frustrated very easily. So, until I build this habit, this will be me👋🏾😋_.

  • Winona Thompson says:

    I’m a One and Done Diva Meal Prepper who likes to prep 3-4 times a week, because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. As time goes on I may revisit this style of Meal Prepper.

  • Gwendolyn Oliver says:

    I am a one and done meal prep type because I don’t like eating pre planned meals and don’t like leftover meats

  • Daria Cross says:

    I’m a Go With the Flow Diva Prepper. I like 2 prep 2-3 times per week.

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