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By December 14, 2020February 6th, 202410 Day Meal Prep Challenge

It’s Monday, the first day we are all eating together on the same meal plan!!! I’m geeked!

But before you start Day 7’s Assignment, make sure you have completed Day 6’s Diva Assignment (click here).

If you haven’t already, Join the FREE 10 Day Meal Prep Challenge diva, you will be glad you did!! 


It’s not Just about FOOD diva, it’s about:

  • Building New Habits –
    If you can’t fight to change your old habits, if you give in to them every time, you won’t win!
  • Being Positive
    If you can’t let go of past failures! If you keep replaying in your mind all the weight you’ve gained back and how you don’t have time, you won’t win!
  • Knowing Motivation fades
    If you don’t realize that motivation comes and goes WITH EVERYBODY & if you only meal prep, drink water, eat clean, sleep more than 5 hours when you “FEEL MOTIVATED”, you won’t win!
  • Asking for help- 
    If you still trying to use will power, Go it alone, figure it out in my time, or not petitioning a greater being, the MOST HIGH, for help, you won’t win!
  • Being Persistent-
     If you encounter a set back (you leave your food at home, your funds run low, or something unexpected comes your way) you resort to old habits, old thinking, the old way of being, you won’t win!
  • Assessing What Works & Tweaking what Doesn’t –
    If you do the work, but don’t track your successes and wins to see what works and what doesn’t, you won’t win! 
  • Realizing it Takes Time –
    If you work hard and do your best for just 7 days, AND, don’t get ALL the results you seek, and then complain or even worse do less or even worse QUIT, it’s obvious, you won’t win!

Divas who successfully transform, do more than just transform their plates!  They transform their way of thinking; their way  of showing up in this world.  It’s a TRUE TRANSFORMATION from the INSIDE OUT.


Diva Task #1:

Understand how to Track your Key Health & Wellness Performance Indicators by watching my video above.  I’m working the plan right along with you sisters!

Diva Task #2:

Please share in the comments that you’ve read today’s assignment & will be posting today’s progress in the group.  Let me know if you agree that success has very little to do with workouts and food. Don’t forget to tag me @coachtwy so I can hear your perspective today!

Diva Task #3:

Want to earn some Social Media points? Right click and save this image, and post it on IG, Twitter and FB (links to all my pages are below). When you post this text, “It’s not enough to know your goals in your head, you have to write a plan. It’s not enough to write the plan, you actually have to execute the plan.  It’s not enough to execute the plan, you actually have to measure your success against the plan (what did I do right, wrong, or not at all, what can I do to improve next week). Divas who Plan. Prep. Track. Reflect. Tweak & Repeat, week after week, WIN!!!! #forLIFE #notforaDIET #thefitfynefablife #healthyHOLIDAY #thedivahood



I look forward to reading in your comments below about any questions you may have about the meal plan.

If you haven’t already, Join the 10 Day Challenge diva, you will be glad you did!! 

Live fab this holiday,




“Who Says Fitness Can’t be Fabulous?”

You can reach out to me here:
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Personal Facebook: Nicole “Coach Twy” Dyer-Twyman
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Please Note Divas:
If you have any food allergies, digestion issues related to produce or medical issues* that don’t allow you to eat in this way, this isn’t the challenge for you. For example: If you are on medication that limits your intake of vegetables due to vitamin K or have a digestive disorder, this may not be the challenge for you. If you are a diabetic or have blood pressure issues, discuss the pros and cons of a plant-based diet with your doctor or a nutritionist before trying this challenge.

*Medical Disclaimer: If there is any reason why you should not change your diet and how you normally eat due to an ailment, pregnancy, blood sugar issues, chronic illness, allergies or other medical issue, Do Not participate in this challenge. If you have trouble digesting raw or cooked fruits and veggies, this is not the challenge for you. When in doubt, speak with your doctor before joining any weight loss challenge or before starting ANY eating plan/diet.


  • Cheryl Ramsey says:

    I have read Day 6 assignment and I will be posting progress in FFF group.

  • Melanie Ware says:

    Started my day in devotion and read this scripture that was outlined for weight loss:
    Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.
    1 Corinthians 6:19‭-‬20 NIV

  • Joy Jackson says:

    I watched the video, began tracking Dec. 14th; day one of the challenge. I have a pair of skinny jeans waiting for me. My old school red water bottle is full (not for too long 🙂) and I tagged a few Divas. I’m ready to begin my day.

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    Read today’s assignment and I will be posting my progress tracker. I agree that weight loss is not just about food and workouts.

  • Nicole says:

    I watched today’s video. I’m behind right now. However, I will catch up and plan accordingly. I have ordered my book. In the meantime I plan to do the following as far as meals.

    Breakfast: egg omelet with spinach; blackberries on the side or oatmeal with blueberries
    Snack almonds and apple
    Lunch grilled chicken salad or 2oz tuna with 2tbsp of avocado Mayo dressing
    Dinner: salmon and asparagus or chicken and broccoli

  • Anya Ruffin says:

    I read the assignment…

  • Lynette says:

    I read today’s assignment and watched the video. I almost stayed true to my morning routine. I drank 12 ounces of water with that nasty ass psyllium husk that my doctor recommended. I created a relaxing bath with relaxing Epson salt and begin my morning meditation. Sadly it was cut short by delivery men delivery my new futon for my office. I also drake ann additional 24 oounces of water before I left the house.I am currently at 52 ounces of water and I hope to be at 68 by 2pm. My goal is 96 ounces today.

  • Sonia Hart says:

    Today’s assignment is done! About to finishing tracking and pack my meals for tomorrow.

    • Mona Dixon says:

      I have read the assignment and watched the video. Will be posting my progress in the group today .

  • Nikimah Williams says:

    I have read today’s assignment and watched the video. I will post my tracker this evening.

  • Varelle Green says:

    I have read today’s assignment and we post my updated tracker tonight.

  • Ms. Winona Thompson says:

    Day 6.
    Have my tracking form and started filling it out. I seem to be slightly behind schedule. I did meal plan but didn’t get to grocery shop until today. I know I can do this. I could blame it on my age but I will just move forward.
    I glad to hard copy of the challenge.
    Thank you.

  • Francine says:

    I have read the assignment

  • Cynthia Meeks says:

    This is a late post. I have read the assignment and completed my tracker. I have updated and posted the tracker in the group. @CoachTwy

  • Daria Cross says:

    I watched the video and I will post my tracker tonight.

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