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12 Days of FITmas: Day 3 – Falicia

Let us introduce you to the fabulous Ms. Falicia Tobias!!   Falicia  joined Fit, Fyne & Fabulous a little over 6 weeks ago.  She is actually an old co-worker who knew me right after I gave birth to my daughter 5 years ago. So she saw me at my heaviest!!!  We connected on FB, and while she noticed my weight loss, and I offered to help her, she was persistent on doing it alone.  Welllllll, after a 1/2 year of watching me help hundreds of others, Falicia, called, “PLEASE JUST HELP ME“!  I was more than ecstatic to help!!  Now, just 6 weeks later, we are showcasing her on our blog!  I love this!!!  Please join us as we celebrate the lovely Ms. Falicia.   Learn more about her journey below!!Falicia BACK 12 Days

How did you feel about your body and your fitness journey before Joining Fit, Fyne & Fabulous?
I felt really defeated in this weight loss game. I’d lost weight before, but I always dreaded the diet “menu”. I was always hungry. And lastly, whatever success I did have, I walked an hour of my day on a treadmill that promises so much more than it actually delivers.

How many pounds and inches did you lose with FFF, and how do you feel about your body and your fitness journey now?
I’ve lost a total of 14 lbs. and 4.5 inches. I feel so much better! Not only because I feel myself getting fit…But also because I’m on a team that encourages me and keeps me accountable.Falicia Side 12 Days

What is your favorite NSV or Non Scale Victory?
My favorite NSV moment came when I was able to begin comfortably wearing some of my most favorite dress tops that would ordinarily fit me to snug for comfort. I had gotten used to looking right past them on the rack. I decided to try one the other morning, and it slipped right on. Wow!

What is your favorite clean eating recipe you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
I LOOOOVE the ground turkey zucchini spaghetti. It tastes so zesty and flavorful. The Veggetti noodle maker makes the best zucchini noodles! It’s so good…It tastes like cheating!

Is there anything you would like to share with women who are on the fence about starting their journey? Anything you would like to leave them with, a quote or any final words of motivation?

Just start.
Give yourself permission to start again.
Don’t get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, job, relationship, body.
You Got This!

Falicia Front 12 days

What is your favorite fitness tip you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
The best most valuable tip I can give, is to make sure you are accountable to someone outside of yourself to keep you honest to you weight loss commitment. It’s an added bonus if your someone is also other ladies who share in that passion.



  • gaga62 says:

    Congrats Falicia!! You look great!! Isn’t it something.. what one can do when you set your mind to do something? I truly love the support, encouragement and accountability we receive from this group!! Revisiting your closet is like going shopping for FREE!! Can’t beat that!!

  • Mea F says:

    Congratulations Falicia! You’ve showed yourself and others that weight loss can be done with commitment. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  • Janice Alnutt Davis says:

    Congratulations, Falicia!! Your transformation is such a short time is awesome! Your success is very inspiring and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Michelle W says:

    Way to go Falicia! Your hard work is paying off…and you’re having fun while doing it. It isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. Thank you for sharing.

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