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12 Days of FITmas: Day 6 – Jennifer

Let us introduce you to the fabulous Ms. Jennifer Riddle!  Lady Jenn joined Fit, Fyne & Fabulous a little over 6 weeks ago.  The pictures you see are from only 3 weeks of working with us!  Oh she was READY to do the work, and we were READY to show her HOW!!!

Please, please join us as we celebrate this sweet diva, Ms. Jennifer!   Learn more about her absolutely amazing journey below!!image1

How did you feel about your body and your fitness journey before Joining Fit, Fyne & Fabulous?
I was not comfortable with my weight or how clothes fit. I felt like I was stuck in a rut and just couldn’t seem to do anything that had any real impact on my fitness or weight-loss goals. Other things seem to take priority over healthy food choices are working out. I was at a point that I felt like things were never going to change no matter what I did.

How many pounds and inches did you lose with FFF, and how do you feel about your body and your fitness journey now?
So far I’ve lost about 3 pounds and 13 inches. I’m currently in my second challenge so I anticipate those numbers going up. I’m not at a point yet that I’m completely comfortable with my body but I enjoy seeing the changes happening and needing smaller clothing sizes. I am at a point that I feel more confident in my journey and for the first time I feel like reaching my goals is a realistic expectation.

What is your favorite NSV or Non Scale Victory?
We recently had our annual company Christmas party. I ordered a dress off the Internet a size smaller than I would’ve normally needed. When it arrived it was so big I couldn’t wear it. So I returned it and and re-ordered it in one more size smaller. It ended up not coming in time for the party but when I went to the store to buy a dress I purchased one two sizes smaller than I had thought!!!

What is your favorite clean eating recipe you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
Chicken cauliflower fried rice. I ate that for two weeks and never got sick of it!

Is there anything you would like to share with women who are on the fence about starting their journey? Anything you would like to leave them with, a quote or any final words of motivation?

I’ve done weight watchers in the past, I’ve done weight-loss challenges at work, and I’ve tried a lot of different things on my own. Nothing ever stuck.
I honestly feel like the missing piece was FFF. I think we are all at different points in our weight loss journey but we are on the same journey. And one of the best things about this group is it is all women on the exact same journey.
At some point something has to change and for me joining FFF was the catalyst in helping me make real change.

If you’re on the fence then just go for it because at this point what else do you have to lose????


What is your favorite fitness tip you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
Drinking a gallon of water a day. It is definitely harder than it sounds. But I feel like it makes a real difference in how I feel and managing my appetite and just feeling good!!!!



  • tynica50 says:

    Congratulations diva…. You working that waistline into overtime… You will be ordering a lot more dresses losing all these inches☺️… #ShopOnGirfriend #GreatJob!

  • Celestine Jackson says:

    Congratulations Jennifer!! You’re living proof that the scale isn’t your friend. Those inches lost are awesome!! Looking good!!! Can’t wait to see your results from our next challenge!

  • Janice Alnutt Davis says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer!! When I saw your transformation during an earlier challenge, I was truly impressed with your loss of inches vs your weight loss. When I saw your pics, I just knew you had lost 20 lbs! Your success is evident that I was relying on the scales too much! You look great!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle W says:

    Congrats, Jennifer! You are proving that NSVs are what really counts! Keep up the great work!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone! It’s a journey of ups and downs but it’s nice not being alone. You all are great!

  • Lisa Small says:

    Congratulations Jennifer. You are a true inspiration. Your pics speak volumes. You and the FFF divas inspire me to stay true to myself and journey.

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