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12 Days of FITmas: Day 7 – Elaine

Let us introduce you to the fabulous Ms. Elaine Smith!  Elaine joined Fit, Fyne & Fabulous just short of a year now!!  She joined in January 2015, with a goal  to lose 35 pounds by her 50th birthday (September).  She reached her goal before May 2015, after having lost 13 pounds in just 4 weeks!! Now, she is enjoying tightening and toning her body!!

Please, please join us as we celebrate our song bird, Ms. Elaine!   Learn more about her absolutely amazing journey below!!Elaine QUOTE 2 12 Day

How did you feel about your body and your fitness journey before Joining Fit, Fyne & Fabulous?
Before joining FFF I did not like my body. I felt out of control. I never posted pictures of myself on Facebook.

How many pounds and inches did you lose with FFF, and how do you feel about your body and your fitness journey now?
To date I have loss about 35 pounds. I feel better about my body. I now post sparkle pictures of myself on Facebook & I feel more confident.
Elaine Side 12 Day

What is your favorite NSV or Non Scale Victory?
I got to a point where I stopped losing weight but I continued to lose inches. My clothes fit more comfortable & some got too big. I’ve learned that the scale is NOT my friend.

What is your favorite clean eating recipe you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
I just tried these meatballs for the first time a few weeks ago. Trying new seasonings & foods continues to be a great experience!

Is there anything you would like to share with women who are on the fence about starting their journey? Anything you would like to leave them with, a quote or any final words of motivation?

Make yourself the priority. YOU are worth it.

Elaine BEFORE 12 Day

What is your favorite fitness tip you’ve learned while being a part of FFF?
Push past the pain is just one of my favorite fitness tips. When I first started the exercise program, I thought I had to be doing something wrong. I was SO sore. I could have used this as an excuse to stop. But instead, I pushed past the pain just as Autumn instructed. I can now go back to those early workout and I’m so much better!

Elaine QUOTE 12 Day


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