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All about that SPARKLE, about that SPARKLE, No Excuses

By December 7, 2014FITNESS Accountability

The divas of Fit, Fyne and Fabulous are making this the healthiest holiday YET! We currently have 2 diva accountability groups underway with 25 teams of 2 divas sparkling daily while they are following our clean eating program!


10850548_10204415722286058_1932281436_nSo at the end of each accountability week, to keep our divas motivated, we rank the teams and award the top winning teams a fitness focused prize! This week the winning team from each group will win a pair of athletic socks from SOX box!

10841335_10204415551401786_516806018_nGROUP 1 TEAM RESULTS

Group 1 started 3 weeks ago and is comprised of 18 teams of 2 divas each.  The 36 ladies in this group have been going harrrrrrrd!!!  In 1 week alone, they have collectively lost 52 lbs and 79.81 inches this past week!  But only one team wins the prize!
Please join us in congratulating LaDonna Duhart and Meka Fontenette aka team “C.A.M.M.G.D”  Together La and Meka lost 12.20 pounds and 9.25 inches in just ONE WEEK!


Group 2 started just started 1 week ago.  They are comprised of 7 teams of 2 divas each!  The 14 lades in this group are beyond amazing!  In their first week, they have collectively lost 30.90 pounds and 51.75 inches!

Please join us in congratulating our Group 2 winners: Carla Strickland and Nakia Mason aka team “Redefined Fitness“!  Together Carla and Nakia lost 12.3 pounds and 13.25 inches in just ONE WEEK!!

So let’s do the math, shall we!!
2 groups, 25 teams, 50 divas, tons of sparkle, and in just 7 days lost 80+ pounds and 120+ inches.  Yeah, um, like I said, “Shut the Front door”!!  These ladies are committing to their FITNESS now!

If you’re interested in joining one of our accountability groups (which you should be since it’s FREEEEEE and it WORKS), just leave a comment on this post or join our general fitness page on Facebook –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/FitFyneFab/

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  • This is Absolutely Awwwwesome!!!! Congrats Ladies!!!!

  • Traci Cleveland says:

    Congrats ladies!!!!! This is so exciting!!! 2015 will be one great year! We are leaving the weight and slacking in the past! We are looking forward! Keep up the amazing work ladies!!!

  • Andrea Rodgers says:

    Way to WERK ladies!!

  • Pamela K Williams says:

    Congrats Ladies! Way to put the work in to get results…Hooah!

  • Nakia Mason-Henry says:

    Giving credit where it is due…… Congrats to my team mate Carla Strickland !BIG Thank to coaches- Tynica ! Nicole, and Garnett.

  • Carla Strickland says:

    OMG!!! Thank you Lord for leading me to FFF (FIT, FYNE & FABULOUS) This group is right in line with what I was already working on….. CHANGING MY LIFE!!! #5Fs

  • Lovette says:

    Congrats ladies! . You all are awesome!

  • Darlene Richardson says:

    Congratulations ladies!!! You worked hard and you saw results. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Tasha Johnson says:

    Congrats ladies!!!

  • These ladies have worked so hard. I love coaching them and the energy that they bring to the table is infectious. This is Carla’s 2nd week in a row winning. That means that she is putting in that work to get the results that she wants. She always brings a smile to my face when her sparkle pictures are posted. And Nakia has been doing so wonderfully. Those inches and pounds lost by the two of them this week is UNBELIEVABLE. I am so proud to be part of this group.

  • Tameka says:

    I love this group . We are dedicated and determine divas dropping pounds before 2015 . Congrats to all the winners .

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