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Celebrating the Fabulous Ivy Perry!!

11079608_10204486987837171_7193086341182180791_nLet us introduce you to Ms. Ivy Perry!  She is new to Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, but you would never know it by her amazing results!!  Today, we dedicate this post to Ivy’s consistency, excitement and unselfishness, as she pays her weight loss forward by helping other divas every chance she gets!! Let’s review how Ms. Perry achieved her amazing results, shall we??

How many pounds and inches have you lost since joining Fit, Fyne and Fabulous?

10lbs and 15inches

How did you learn about Fit, Fyne, and Fabulous?

I learned about the group from Nicole Twyman while talking about wanting to lose weight in the salon.

What prevented you from reaching your weight loss goals prior to joining Fit, Fyne and Fabulous?

Motivation and dedication


How did Fit, Fyne, and Fabulous help you get closer to reaching your fitness goals? The group helped me get closer to my goals by partnering me up with someone that always worked out and reached out to me to help keep me motivated. I would see pictures of other ladies transformation and posting about what workouts they did and it helped me. Especially when I’ve had a long day and didn’t feel like working out my phone was going off about someone trying a new workout technique or about a new recipe they had tried. Everything that this group is about is amazing!

Would you recommend Fit, Fyne and Fabulous to a friend? If yes, why?

Yes, because you get to meet different women from all around the world that may be experiencing the same weight journey that you are on and they are having the same problems as you. You get to chat, upload pictures, motivational pictures, recipes, video whatever that will help you; and, help someone else.



What has been your most rewarding NSV or “Non-Scale Victory” since joining FFF?

Buying a few dresses that were a size small and actually fit them comfortably. I haven’t been in a small anything since 2007!!!

Think of a day where you felt you wanted to give up on your journey. How did Fit, Fyne and Fabulous motivate you to keep going?

Haven’t had that day yet. Lol

What would you say to a friend who was trying to decide between getting a trainer at the gym vs working out from home and getting FREE virtual accountability?

I would say save your money and look at my pictures. Pictures can speak a thousand words and mine are saying I DID IT WITH FIT, FYNE AND FABULOUS!!!


What have you learned about yourself during your fitness journey thus far?

That I can self motivate myself more than I thought. I can do anything I setmy mind too.

What advice/tips would you like to share with others who are on the same fitness journey?
Stay focused and dedicated!! You can achieve every goal you set out to accomplish.



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