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Fabulous Pic Collages for Fitness!

11328775_10206767238039912_471439745_nMaking a picture collage for accountability can be pretty intimidating in the beginning. I know for me, it took me at least an hour to figure out how to make a picture collage the first time.

Then I decided to ask my personal in-house tech support, my 15 year old daughter and her friends. After that, I became an amateur professional. First, I had to learn the best applications to download that makes the process more pleasant and faster. So here are some suggestions to get you started. These apps should be free for iphones and androids.

  1. Pic Collage
  2. Photo Grid
  3. Collage Maker
  4. Pic Stitch Collage Maker
  5. Fotor
  6. InstaCollage

My personal favorite is PhotoGrid because of the simplicity to choose pictures from your phone and the ability to make changes easily.

On a similar topic, aย highly recommended app to help with taking your own pictures (when no one is available to help you) ย is Camera 360. It has a timer where you could adjust the time as needed. Or, you could just deploy the timer on your phone, camera or ipad.

Either way, try not to get intimidated with the process because many of us felt like goofballs in the beginning. Besides, pictures are worth far more that that number on the scale!!!

The more your take pics and post collages, the more confident you will feel with the process. You will be a pro in no time!


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