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Fit, Fyne & Fabulous LIVE: “Conference News Our Divas Can Use III”

By May 25, 2018FFFLIVE

We are Just 2 Weeks Out Divas!!!

With only 2 weeks away, it’s time to start packing and planning divas. So, this week’s  newsletter is dedicated an overall outline that will help you plan what you need to bring and pack based on our group activities planned.

Let’s gets started shall we… Please note all times are estimates and can be adjusted.  

Your *TENTATIVE* Conference Timeline

-Friday, JUNE 8th-

7:00pm  Friday Check In (Hotel Patio Near Pool)
7:30 Fashion Show Begins

The Fashion Show is FREE for paid registrants, but if you want to be entered into our raffles for Friday (click here) 5 entries for $35. We will be giving away Facials and a basket made of our product from our vendors!When Fashion Show Ends, Party Begins and will end at 11:30pm

We will be looking for EVERYONE to attend the Fashion Show! The Check In will let us know who’s  made it LA and who has not.  We already have a fiyah playlist for Friday (during fashion show / party) & on Saturday (during breaks), BUT, we want to play your favs, so we can dance with Darrin!  You know Lem is a dancer, chile! LOL (CLICK HERE) let us know what sounds you wanna here!

Early start and Long day ahead tomorrow!

-Saturday, JUNE 9th-

5:45a Sunrise Walk along the Beach
(Bring your fav FFF tee for only $12 and FREE SHIPPING if attending the conference – (click here))

This is a casual group walk along the beach following an outlined walking trail.  (click here) to let us know if you are joining us, so we can look out for you.  Listen divas, the views are amazing as the sun rises upon Santa Monica, so bring your camera. We will end in time to meet the Yoga Divas in the event you want to walk and do Yoga.  This walk will be led by (TBD).

6:45a Morning Yoga on the Beach
(Bring your Nomaste tee for only $12 and FREE SHIPPING if attending the conference(click here) )

This class is FREE and will be taught by Stephanie Bush. (click here) to let us know you are joining us, so we can secure enough mats.  The location on the beach will be shared with those who accept the invite to inform us you’re joining.

Breakfast will be on your own as you shower, change and get ready for a full day of speakers and workshops. Recommendations will be provided, but I love a good Room Service Moment!  Get the Egg White Sausage “pizza” if you choose to. My GOD it’s so good, and so healthy!

8:45a Conference Room Doors Open & Diva Check In Begins
Conference Bags with free give-a-ways provided. Your bag will also include your swimsuit with your purchased “saying”.

9:30a The MORNING SESSIONS begin (don’t be late divas, get a good seat!)
We will have 3 speakers, several mini-diva breaks and a full diva break before we diva break again for a FULL lunch!

12-1:30pm LUNCH with the Sundress & Shades DIVAS
Lunch is FREE and on site. It will either be on the patio (if not too hot) or in our conference room.
We will be taking a FREE group photo shoot during lunch. So (click here) to confirm your participation in the Sundresses & Shady Hat picture. We just need you to accept the invite.  The details on attire are there too.  Who doesn’t love a good SHADY moment, LOL!

Return from Lunch to a Meet & Greet (Photo Op) with one of our celebrity speakers!
If you haven’t picked up on it, we will be taking pics all weekend! LOL. The rest of the afternoon is spent doing bonding activities, hearing from speakers and of course, you will have snacks and diva breaks along the way!  Speakers, Sessions and Sisterhood bonding ends 6:15pm.

6:15pm – 7:15pm AN EVENING BREAK
Change your clothes (it’s optional but we are looking for divas to wear all white), freshen up, then head back to join us for Dinner! Yes diva, we are covering your Dinner Meals too!

7:15pm-8:45pm  DINNER FOR DIVAS!
Return for Dinner (optionally wearing white – hopefully you do). There will be 1 or 2 speakers, give-a-ways, and prizes during dinner!

After Dinner we will have one last special activity on the Beach to end the conference with an amazing ceremony led by Jovanka Ciares. It is this ceremony that we are are hoping all divas wear white for. 
(click here)

-Sunday, June 10th-

6:45a Morning Yoga on the Beach
(Bring your Nomaste tee for only $12 and FREE SHIPPING if attending the conference(click here) )

This class is FREE and will be taught by an acclaimed NAAM Yoga Instructor. (click here) to let us know you are joining us, so we can secure enough mats.  The location on the beach will be shared with those who accept the invite to inform us you’re joining.

Early Morning Swim Suit Photo Shoot time TBD, but estimated to be 9:00am. We have a list of divas who paid for the signage on their suits that serves as registered participants. The shoot is FREE!

Ladies, bring a pair of jean shorts or a short skirt, we will switch the look up with wearing those.

Do you have a Fit, Fyne & Fabulous cup, tee, tank, or sundress?  Bring it, with you diva! We will be taking pics of you on the beach in our Fab gear as well! (click here for 20% off) Use promo code “MEMORIAL20”

We will be take the pounds lost shoot at this time as well. Divas who qualify, you know who you are.

Sunday morning can also be used for Spa time! Remember the Spa is 30% off for all of our divas the entire weekend!  Make sure to book your time now!

Swim Suit Pictures UPDATE:

Yesss, honey, serve that body -ody! I’m so excited that we are planning to take a group shot with our custom bathing suits. Here’s how it works if you’re participating.

  1. Get an all black or all red bathing suit you feel comfortable in.
  2. Make sure the solid red or solid black bathing suit is a one piece only (no bikinis or cut outs)
  3. Make sure your solid red or solid black one piece (no cut out) bathing suit is plain (no patterns)
  4. Make sure the solid red or black one piece bathing suit with no patterns, has no design ruffles, pleats or gatherings in the front. This is where we are applying your custom wording.
  5. Mail your bathing suit into the Diva Shop (the address will be provided upon ordering)
  6. The Diva Shop will add the “Saying” of your choice to your swim suit.
  7. Your finished swim suit will be at the Diva Shop table in LA!  One less thing to pack!!
  8. (click here) to order your “saying” to be put on your suit if you’re joining this shoot. Details on where to send your suit will be sent upon ordering.
  9. All suits must be mailed to the Diva Shop by May 30th. Please mail ASAP divas!

    If you aren’t able to mail it by that deadline date please email Coach Gigi (click here) and bring your suit with you to LA.

  10. If you are planning to join us, but haven’t purchased your suit or your saying, please let us know ASAP, so far we have 20 divas registered, and we would love to have more!

There’s no cost to join us in this group shot, but you must have your own suit with a “saying” of your choice.  Can’t wait to strike a pose with you! We will have more organized shots on Sunday morning, so stay tuned!

Featured VENDOR:

This week’s featured vendor is RSW Records for Katrina Atkinson

😎Ladies our latest sponsor is an amazing recording artist 🙌🏾🙌🏾

💪🏾Katrina Rsw Atkinson has released her latest single called “Wonder Woman” and its a must listen!! Her vibe is inspirational, uplifting and spiritual and I love this song!!! 😳😱

🙌🏾Katrina is a long time diva Fit, Fyne & Fabulous and I’m honored and blessed that she decided to sponsor our conference in such a way!!

🙏🏾Please help me show love to her new single by simply listening to her single on iTunes! If you enjoy it (which I’m sure you will), please purchase “Wonder Woman” for only .99 cents!!

👉🏾Listen to her now on iTunes:

Please also follow her on social media:
👉🏾On FB – @KatAt.RSW
👉🏾On Instagram – @katat_rsw
👉🏾On Twitter – @KatAt_RSW

Congratulations Katrina!!! Fit, Fyne & Fabulous supports you!!! -#fitfynefabla #Katrina Rsw Atkinson

That’s it for this edition of “Conference News Divas Can Use”!  Be on the look out for one or two more editions before we descend on the beach this Summer!

-Stay fabulous,
Nicole “Coach Twy” Twyman

P.S. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you’re as excited to meet us as we are to meet you!! Let us know if you have questions!



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