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Introducing FIT, FINE & FLEXED!!!

By March 24, 2015FITNESS Accountability

Just a few weeks ago, the divas of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous formed our brother group: Fit, Fine and Flexed!!!  The men are off to an amazing start and in one week a team of only 4 dedicated gentlemen have  lost over 20 pounds!!!

In true FFF style, we are celebrating one the one guy who lost the most pounds and inches!!!  He worked hard on his eating and workouts, and has one two bottles of the most amazing vitamins on the planet!  Get ready to rev up your workout Albert “BO” Parker!


BO KNOWS FITNESS!! BO means business!!! GO BO!!!!

Today, we salute you and your amazing one week loss of 5 inches and 3 pounds!!!! CONGRATS BO!!!!


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