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It’s pretty clear….

By April 16, 2019Seaux Seaux Fab

Clear accessories are the latest fashion trend. Some of us rock this trend because it’s fashionable and hip while others purchase a clear bag because that’s the only way you can carry a purse in stadiums and arenas. LOL From see through clothes to purses to jewelry to shoes, this trend is everywhere like it or not. This blog series I will focus on accessories because I’m a NOLA girl accessorizing one day at a time!

Urban Cinderella Shoes

Clear combat

A pair of combat boots can be edgy and masculine so when my sousin (sister cousin) surprise me with these clear beauties I was in love. These are definitely weekend shoes and I paired these with shorts and a blazer. Check my outfit out on my Instagram page @seaux_fab. Disclaimer, these shoes run small so you have to size up. Also, these shoes are plastic so it takes a little time to get your feet in. LOL

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Clear sandal

I love these clear sandals because most of all they are comfy. I can also wear them with particularly everything from jeans, shorts, dress, etc. 

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Crystal Clear


Clear purses are a must if you intend on going to a concert or sporting events in a stadium/arena and why not do it in style with a cute one. I purchase this purse with the intention of wearing it as a crossbody (which a longer strap comes with the purse and a wallet…score!!!!!) but once it arrived I realized it can be worn as a clutch as well.

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Vision Clear


When it comes to sunglasses the aviator reign supreme so the natural thing for me was to get reader aviators for a fashion statement. The aviator is timeless and these clear lovelies are bold and fashion forward.

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Well Divas this concludes my blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please post your pics and tag me on Instagram (@seaux_fab) using the hashtag #seauxfabdiva.
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Until we style again.
Seaux Fab Lifestyle Blogger


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  • Monica says:

    I’ve been rocking clear accessories for quite some time. Granted, it was initially because of my side hustle in retail, but now that it’s whenever I feel like it. I have 1 crossbody purse, 2 backpacks (mini and large), an umbrella, and my most recent purchase and instant favorite of everyone, a clear rain hat. A rain coat is next.

    • Cree Jones says:

      I think it’s pretty cool tend and sound like you have some awesome pieces. I have a clear raincoat and love it. It’s actually a Disney theme raincoat but you wouldn’t know it unless you were looking closely.

  • Coach Twy says:

    I am not a trend follower, but I do have the glasses, and would consider the clear shoes! I love a nude strap, but not sure about the clear heel. You look fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

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