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March is Sisterhood Month, Women’s History Month & National Nutrition Month!

By March 1, 2022Monthly Calendar

March 2022 we welcome you with open minds and arms; with big hearts and positive attitudes.
We are blessed to see a new month in this still very new year!

To our Divas already rocking with Fit, Fyne & Fabulous we honor and adore your support!!
To the new divas just joining Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, we are glad you are here & have penned this post just for you; to help you get to know more about Fit, Fyne & Fabulous! Let’s get started sis.


Welcome to Fit, Fyne & Fabulous sisters, we are a virtual community where Faith, Food, Fellowship, & Fitness are our main Focus!

If you’re ready to take control of your health and wellness, this is the group! 

March’s focus will be all about Sisterhood, Self Love, Sister Sharing, Nutrition Tips, and Women’s History all rolled in one!! 

Make sure to engage in the daily dialog in the group (click here) to request access if you aren’t already a member.

Every month, sometimes twice a month we read a Bible Plan together on the Bible App. We call this group of sisters the “Divas Who Pray”. This month’s plan starts Tuesday, March 2nd but you can start any time! JOIN IN NOW!!

Let’s spend time together in God’s presence as we seek a closer relationship with Him during this Lent season. If this is yoru desire, join the sisters of Fit,Fyne & Fabulous! This plan starts the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, March 2nd.

(CLICK HERE) to join our next Bible Plan!




We offer free meal plans and recipes that are quick and easy to make RIGHT here on this site. Make sure you check out our free recipes by clicking (here). We add new recipes often, so bookmark and pin the recipes!


Get 10% off our online store, THE DIVA SHOP!

Get the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey (shop the “Diva Tools” Collection) and some cute workout gear, meal prep tools, water bottles, dresses and hoodies while you’re there. 

Use promo code “DIVAhood10” to get your discount on your entire order sis! Check out The Diva Shop now (click here).

Our newest addition to the Diva Shop is our Gallon sized Water Bottle! 

JOIN OUR GALLON GIRL GANG sis!  (click here) use your new promo code and save!


VIP membership has it advantages!

We offer a supportive and informative membership group for VIPs which grants you access to fitness and meal prep challenges. Not to mention the largest curated database of amazingly delicious healthy foods, at your fingertips!  New meal plans are emailed to you every Friday of the year!

Learn more here: fitfynefabulous.com/divahood



Visit our free Facebook group (click here) as often as you like for motivation and inspiration on your wellness journey.

Please also get additional recipes and support by following us on:


You Tube:




Get a printable copy of our March Diva Calendar shown above.
(Click here) & stay abreast of our Diva Support offerings this month. If you have any questions please email [email protected]!


On behalf of our fabulous sisterhood, we welcome all of our new divas and thank all of our existing sisters for their continued support of our ministry!!



Please feel free to share your March goals with us in a comment below or ask any questions you may have! Please share this post with a friend!

Here are some prompting questions to help you. 

1.  What was your biggest accomplishment in February?
2.  What was your biggest struggle? 
3.  How will March be different?
4.  How do you feel about your progress thus far?

I want to hear from you! Take a moment to share diva.


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