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By May 23, 2015May 2015 Motivation

The diva coaches of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous declared throughout the month of May; we would showcase divas or gents that we have helped reach and exceed their goals; your May MOTIVATION!

Enter the wonderful Montoyia McGowan
Let us share a few facts about “Toyia”

  • She has lost 3 lbs and 44 inches (and counting)!! Oh you read that right!!! 44 entire inches after only 8 weeks of challenging with us!  11292658_10206767230199716_2018223269_n
  • Toyia shared, “Before the challenge I felt hesitant and as if I would not be able to follow through with the commitment of being accountable. I mean, I could do it but I was afraid I would give in to my own excuses when it was convenient. Then I realized God kept giving me signs that not only could I commit to being accountable but when I get discouraged I was going to push through. It all started when he put on my heart to do a 40 day fast from negative thinking on Facebook.”


  • After her first accountability group with us, Toyia has since shared, Now, I feel empowered, equipped and prepared. Empowered by the constant and genuine support of FFF with Nicole as the train conductor! Equipped with more tools than I need with Beachbody, the coaches of FFF, on demand, new recipes and a plethora of exercise programs that don’t take all day. Prepared mentally for the negative thoughts I feed myself, prepared for days that don’t go as planned and prepared to push past the pain and the down slopes of little progress.”
  • Montoyia has gone from a size 14 to a size 12!!!  We are oh so excited to have Montoyia on board with clean eating and regular exercise!  We look forward to continuing to see her shrink!!11335823_10206767302801531_1518200934_n If you want to learn more about our FREE virtual accountability support, please leave your email in the comments below!!



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