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Meet Angela Way…….She Did That!!!!!

Angela “Angie” Way is a fellow Delaware State Alum of mine.  She’s such a beautiful and sweet person.  And that hair is to die for.  Well a few months back Angie made the decision to get her body back.  She joined us in our last Snatched Waist Fyne Challenge and had some AMAZING results!!!  Check out her story and leave her a congratulatory message for the work that she has put in.

How did you feel before joining us?  Before joining the group I was unsure where to start with healthy eating and working out but knew I was ready to begin this journey. I just had two babies in the past two years and was wondering if I would be able to get my body back .


What made you join the group?  I was introduced to the group by Coach Judia who also encouraged me to do the challenge.

How do you feel now?  I feel great!! I feel like I have accomplished something I wasn’t really sure I could achieve. This group has so many awesome testimonies of people I know which encouraged me and let me know I could do it too!

Angie 1

What is one of your favorite Non-Scale victories? My favorite NSV is that I am able to complete a full 30 min workout that I could barely get thru 5 mins of when I first started.

What are your next steps?  My next step is to work on toning. I want to continue working on my mid section and to continue with this lifestyle of healthy living. This group continues to encourage and challenge me…I’m very thankful for each person’s story which has now allowed me to have one of my own

Angie 2IMG_2287



I’m So Proud Of You Angie

Coach Judia


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