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We are so very excited for our “Sugar Fight” challenge!  We have over 110 women who are paired up as partners, praying, encouraging, supporting and cheering for each other each day!

The diva coaches at Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, are so very serious about our war on sugar, we host virtual NO / LOW SUGAR challenges!! Oh yes we do!!

  1. We team our diva participants up, and arm them with the meal plans needed to succeed!!!!
  2. We support them daily with prayer and uplifting motivation.
  3. We also provide accountability by making sure our divas are engaged and participating daily!
  4. We send inspirational and education emails to our divas daily!

Our favorite way to show our support is to celebrate our top team each by awarding free prizes and MONEY!!!  Yes girl, MONEY!!!

Soooooooo, please join us now in celebrating our Week 1 winning team:

Introducing Team “BEAUTIES IN BEAST MODE“!
which includes the Fabulous
Jamie Terrell & Michelle Hart
together Jamie & Michelle lost 26.27 inches and 10.4 pounds in just 7 days!!

They both win our very own “Measure Me Fabulously” Measuring Tape!WK 1 Team Winners

A very special congrats goes to Michelle Hart of  TEAM BEAUTIES IN BEAST MODE”, she entered the FIT POT, and has won $333!!  Michelle lost 13 inches and 6.4 pounds!!!  The epitome of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous, hunty!12990832_10206074362357673_1143632954923463252_n



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