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Seaux Fabulous with Cree!

By April 14, 2017July 13th, 2017Be Fabulous, Seaux Seaux Fab

Helleaux (hello) divas! My name is Cree, a 42 year old fundraiser from New Orleans or NOLA as we say! Just like all of you, I lovvvvvvve food 🙂 but, my 1st love is fashion!  I’ve learned some unique ways to rock my curves, while on my fitness journey!  I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my tips with you all!

Seauuuuxxxx, let’s get started by sharing a little about myself 🙂

I consider my personal style as classic with a twist. I’m an avid online shopper who loves searching for a FAB look, but for less!!!  I mean who doesn’t like a good deal, right?  


I have been curvy most of my life and I have learned throughout the years how to dress my frame in the most flattering ways possible. Every now and then I get a little crazy and step outside my comfort zone by wearing colors and patterns that some would say are not curvy appealing. Well I say,  “you only live once and why not do it fashionably”! Seaux fab-shionably that is, LOL!

Well divas, I’m actually always on a search to find fashionable clothing and accessories to compliment my curves. Through trial and error, I’ve discovered what works and what doesn’t work; and even then, what may have worked for me last year may not work now due to weight loss or even gain (oh no!).

Seaux Fab
Top 10 Online Shopping Tips!

Shopping online, I realized that I cannot purchase items on size alone. Sizes vary from brand to brand, sadly.

So here are a couple of tips that I’ve learned on my style journey:

  1. Know your measurements (makes it easier to get the correct size) 
  2. Read the reviews of the item and look at the posted pictures of people wearing the items
  3. Invest in good undergarments (this will be a future post)
  4. Know your shape (click here)
  5. Invest in tailoring (sometimes a simple cinch in the waist by a tailor makes all the difference). Your local cleaners can help!
  6. Changing up accessories on a basic piece will give the option of new looks (statement necklaces, collars, belts, etc.)
  7. Shop online (finding bargains and coupons are at your fingertips) & use eBates (click here)
  8. Don’t be afraid of color
  9. Try different textures
  10. Heels can elongate your figure (even 2 inches heels)

    Seaux, with that said, thanks for reading my first blog post. Yes, girl it’s my first of many! hehehe

Are you ready to get to know how I assembled some of my fav fab fits? Let’s geaux (go).
PS…. I should have mentioned, in New Orleans we use (eaux) in the place of the letter (o) …LOL! You may have picked that up by now!
PSS…I promise my future blog post will not be as wordy, LOL!
PSSS…I will also do better with the pictures since I’m a blogger now, LOL

birthday outfit with hat

Birthday Brunch with the Girls

Breaking down … The Birthday Brunch with the Girls Look


(I purchased these items about a year or so ago so they are no longer available but I’m providing alternative options)

Jacket – Macys (click here)

Tank – Target (click here)

Jogger Pants – Torrid (click here)

Shoes – Amazon (click here)

Hat – Macys (click here)


birthday outfit accessories

Gold Hoop Earrings – Forever 21 (click here)

My Necklace is mixture of two of my favs:

Pearls (click here)

Bow Necklace (click here)

I would love your feedback on my blog post! Leave a comment below, or share this post using the share buttons below!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Cree, Seaux Fab


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