Snatched Waist Fyne Week 2 Winners Pt. 1

It’s hard to believe that we have completed two weeks of our June challenge.  This week had some stiff competition.  There were 61 ladies competing for the prize.  Well guess what happened?  Those 61 ladies lost:

84.49 INCHES & 73.9 POUNDS!!!!!!!

Can you believe they did that in one week?  Great job ladies and thank you for being accountable to yourself and your partners.  However, there can only be one winning team and that team is BURNING BROWN SUGARS.  They both win water infuser bottles.

Together Moya & Jeanell lost 9.8 inches and 6 pounds.  And here is the most amazing part…Moya lost her original partner the first week.  Jeanell joined her for the second week and helped them move to the top of the list.  They have been pushing each other through the 21 Day Fix FABulously.  Congratulations ladies.


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