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Snatched Waist Fyne Week 3 Pt. 1

By June 24, 2015FITNESS Accountability

So last week, 61 ladies lost a total of 53 inches and 36.9 pounds!  That is a huge feat; and the coaches of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous appreciate your efforts and dedication to this challenge.

We know it gets hard in the Summer, because there are so many special events like: graduations, cookouts, picnics, and the list goes on!!  But, look at you divas, you’ re sticking with it!!!

Welp, we can only have 2 winning teams for week 3 and the 1st team just happens to be:


They each win a set of High Performance Resistance Bands with a Door Attachment.  There was some stiff competition.  However, these ladies lost a total of 12.8 inches in 7 days!!  They beat out all the other teams and didn’t lose 1 pound.  Can you believe that???!!!!!  So when we say inches matter more; we mean that.  It is not just something we like to say.  The scale is not loyal.  But hunty those inches are.

Congratulations ladies!!!! 

Now we are entering our last week of the challenge where the FIT POT will  be awarded. Who will be the lucky diva to win over $700??!!


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