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Springtyme Fyne Challenge Winners!!!

By April 16, 2015FITNESS Accountability


  • Latonya says:

    Congratulations Divas!!!! You all are amazing!!!

  • gigimcneill says:

    Congratulations Ladies!!!! That is some good money that I know you can put to use to update that wardrobe with smaller clothes for your FAB bodies!!!

  • Congrats ROCK STARS!!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing LESS of you in the next challenge 🙂

  • Meka Fontenette says:

    Congrats Divas you ladies rock . This will be me in the next challenge.

  • embraceallz says:

    Congratulations Ladies!

  • tynica50 says:

    Ladies….You are FIT FYNE & FABULOUS!!…. ??????
    So proud of you… You are setting a path of confidence for all of our beauties striving for your same success…..
    Continue to Invest in YOU!!!
    Y’all Did that!!!!! ??????

  • Shantel says:

    congrats to all you Divas what you guys did was Awesome !! Carla you put in work and the results were phenomenol !!!!

  • Montoyia says:

    These results are so encouraging! !!! Congratulations divas!!!! To be associated with such awesomeness feels like having VIP access to success.

  • Carla Strickland says:

    Thank You Divas! OUR FFF COACHES THO!!! We are just so SUPER BLESSED to have you ladies as our COACHES! Yes Beach Body Coaches are great but GOD provided FIT, FYNE AND FABULOUS with the coaches that are truly OF HIM….Walk his Word, Talk is Word, Teach his Word and Living his Word!! JUST A TRUE BLESSING TO US ALL AND I’M SURE I SPEAK FOR ALL THE DIVAS OF FFF…… WE LOVE OUR FFF COACHES!

  • Tasheka says:

    Thank you to the group! The daily encouragement and motivation was what kept me going! Congrats to Carla and Crystal! This is the first time that it feels good to be a “loser”! Lol!!!

  • Coach Bo says:

    Ladies!!!! Congrats! I can’t say enough how proud of you I am! This ministry that God has pressed on these Coaches hearts to help others on their journey is rewarding enough.. but one must ADMIT, it SHO is nice to put a few $$$ in your pocket even after you’ve lost all that weight!!!! Ya’ll GO and push others to keep going too!!! This is a Win-Win all around!

  • Jennifer Dyer says:

    Congrats Divas! I’m so proud of you ladies.. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Lynnette says:

    Alright, Alright, Alright!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Ladies!!! Muah!

  • juhagler says:

    You ladies ROCK! How awesome that all 3 of you agreed to share the POT. So proud of you and keep up the GREAT work!

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