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Summer Flow

By July 18, 2018August 5th, 2018Seaux Seaux Fab










Summertime means flowy outfits!
Divas summer is here which means we have to figure out how to stay cool and cute at the same time. No one has time to stand in their closet for hours (raising my hand for being guilty of this 😀 ) trying to figure how to beat the heat fashionably. Well, don’t fret; I have you all covered with a couple of fab outfits that are breathable and stylish at the same time. But before we move on with the blog I want to thank everyone who attended the 1st Fit, Fyne and Fabulous Live Conference. Coach Twy did an excellent job and I can’t wait for the next event! It was also great meeting all the Divas in person and I appreciate your support and your warm words of encouragement. Please be sure to subscribe to my 1st online course, where I provide video based education  in the Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Diva University.  My course is called  shapewear 101 and will be launching soon! If you would like more info on my course please leave me a comment below!

Beat the Heat Fashionably

Now on to the blog subject matter! This summer is about having fun in the sun and looking extremely fashionable while doing it. Summer trends such as strapless and off the shoulder styles have many options that are sure to capture a curvy girl’s eye. You can dress these options up or down depending on the event. Here are couple of my favorite summer outfits that I will be styling multiple ways.

Crop It

Who says you have to have a six pack to wear a crop top. Well I’m here to tell you curvy girls can wear crop tops; it’s all about the fit, position and pairing of the bottom. Crop tops work better on us if it’s paired with a high waist bottom as worn below.

To purchase similar crop top click here

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Black Jumper

I love a black jumper and when Ebony Royal from Just Be On The Runway showed me this jumper I was sold. I wore it at the Dress Your Curves Fashion show at the Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Live conference. It’s seaux comfy!!!

To purchase the jumpsuit click here

Olive Harem Romper

I love this romper because it is a get up and go type of outfit. The accessories can be dressed up or down.  Add heels and a jacket or flats / sandals. The fabric is a soft flowing cotton with a loose fit.

To purchase similar jumpsuit click here

Well Divas, I must bid you adieu and conclude this blog. Remember to hydrate and stay cool while being fashionable this summer. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my videos during the Diva University courses. As always thanks for reading and supporting me. If you liked my latest blog post, please be oh seaux kind and help me share, comment, follow the blog and follow me on Instagram @seaux_fab

Until we style again.

Seaux Fab Lifestyle Blogger

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