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The Art of a Jumper

By August 26, 2017Seaux Seaux Fab

Jumpers anyone? Well Divas they are everywhere, and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I wear jumpers year round and they are my go to when I’m in a crunch on what to wear to an event or outing. They can be worn with a blazer or a fitted top underneath. Remember, its all about the fit and flattering your curves!  

I’ve gathered and shared some of my favorite jumper looks for you… ENJOY!

From Summer to Fall and Winter

Here are two jumpers worn two ways.

I added a sleeveless button down shirt to this culotte off the shoulder jumper. It gives the jumper a different look without adding a blazer or sweater. Get a similar look here.

  I love this lace shirt and love the look of pairing it with this strapless culotte jumper. Get similar look here.

Tip: You don’t need a bodysuit to pair a shirt with a jumper. You can use a high waist Spanx and tuck the shirt in. It will hold the shirt in place giving you a smooth look. 🙂

Wide Leg Jumper


Get simsilar look here

Work or After 5

This peplum jumpsuit is very comfortable and can be worn to work with a blazer or to an after 5 event with some fab jewelry. Get similar look here.


Get similar look here

Jumpers have no size limit and can be flattering on any shape. Whether you like a shorter jumper aka romper, midi jumper aka culotte or a long jumper, they are all fabulous!!

Seaux, what do you think?

Did you get any styles ideas?  
I want to hear from you in the comments.

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Until we style again! -XOXO


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