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The Fabulous Truth about Muscle vs. Fat

By June 22, 2015December 4th, 2022Be Fit

Have you ever wondered why the scale hasn’t budged after you’ve started a new workout program?  What about when the scale actually goes up after eating clean consistently?   Diva, you are not alone! This is a normal occurrence.

If you’ve ever heard the myth that claims a pound of muscle weighs more than fat, please know that it is just that – a myth.  One pound is equivalent to exactly one pound – no matter which way you skin that cat.    That pound of fat takes up more space than muscle tissue which results in an individual looking and feeling trimmer even if their body weight remains the same.  Therefore, while the myth exists that muscle weighs more than fat, it is necessary for you to understand and accept the fact that the body needs both muscle and fat to maintain overall well being. Both muscle and fat are important in fueling an active lifestyle.

With many of the BeachBody programs available, both cardio and strength training will build muscle and reduce fat.  However, just because the scale hasn’t budged, it doesn’t mean that you’ve wasted your time.  It also doesn’t mean that you should have given in to your cravings.  What this means is that muscle has greater density than fat; your muscle is taking up less volume than an equal mass of fat.  This explains why you are now visibly thinner without a significant decrease in weight.

  Here is a visual comparison for each of you to consider:


As you can see, a pound of muscle occupies less space than a pound of fat.  Also, because a pound of muscle burns more fat, even at rest, by increasing your lean muscle tissue mass, you’re helping your body burn more calories.

From now on, if you get on the scale and see the number has gone up or stayed the same, don’t be disheartened.  Step away from the scale and pay attention to the inches by taking a tape measure and measure yourself weekly.  Give your unexpected added pounds a couple of weeks to work themselves out as well as give yourself a chance to become consistent with your workout program and new eating habits.  Also, taking great before and after pictures will make seeing the difference easier.  This link will show you how https://www.fitfynefabulous.com/the-truth-about-how-to-take-fabulous-before-and-after-pictures/

Remember, to achieve long term results, it is important to approach a new program realistically and with a positive attitude. After all, you are making a lifestyle change, not just a “weight loss” change.



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