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The Winner of our Commit 2 Be Fit Challenge is….


Wins the Grand Prize of $270.00!!

Michael Irving calls St. Louis his home along with his wife and three beautiful kiddos. With his kids participating in all sorts of sports, Michael felt he had to stay fit to keep up with them!

Michael and his wife started the 21 Day Fix Extreme program together!  Amazingly, during the 4 weeks of the Fit, Fine & Flexed “Commit 2 Be Fit” challenge, he lost 19 pounds and 11 inches – 10 of those pounds were in the first 7 days!!! Unbelievable but VERY achievable!

Michael shared his biggest problem in the past was staying motivated and sticking with a program. All that changed when he joined Flexed! Our Virtual Accountability Group allowed Michael to stick with his program for 4 weeks and beyond as he actively participated in our motivational group sessions.

Michael Irving, congratulations on your achievement and we know you’ll stick with us as we approach our next Challenge!


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