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Trader Joe Tuesday’s

By March 30, 2021May 4th, 2021Trader Joes

Hi divas,

Welcome to my Fit, Fyne & Fabulous Trader Joe Tuesdays post!  On some Tuesdays of every month I will be sharing some of my favorite Trader Joe Products.  I will add the new products to this same post, so that you can have a one page view of my favs. With each edition of Trader Joe Tuesday, I will add a new product.

Let’s get started with today’s Trader Joe Tuesday’s Featured Product!

Indian Spiced All Vegetable Patties

If you know me, you already know I love love love these and honey please note:  there’s no fake meat here!

The flavors are amazing and they are a great low calorie lunch or dinner option. I make them by air frying them in my fav air fryer oven (click here) and I usually pair them with my fav cauliflower thins (also fried in the air fryer oven) to make a delicious veggie sandwich out of them! If you have not tried the OuterAisle Cauliflower thins sis, you are missing out!! 

 Listen, I loved them so much I begged for a promo code for our divas, that’s you!
My favorite is the jalapeño flavor! But Lawd, that Everything Bagel Flavor is divine too! Italian is good, and plain is basic but still good! I love all the flavors, but none more than jalapeno, especially when paired with the Vegetable Masala patty!
If you want to pair the thins with the burgers, make sure to get 10% off by using our promo Code: “FITFYNEFAB” and this link (click here)

Sis, make sure to check out the veggie burgers in freezer section the next time you visit your friendly Trader Joe’s!  YOU. WILL. NOT. BE. DISAPPOINTED.


Fresh Pico De Gallo Mild Salsa

Whoa and whoa, this is a weekly purchase for me sis! I use it any recipe that calls for tomatoes!  The ingredients are super basic and zero additives. It’s especially yummy to use when I make our Fit, Fyne & Fabulous juicy and yummy salsa burgers (click here).  It’s even better when paired with avocado to use as a salsa for my favorite vegan taco recipe ever (click here). I mean you absolutely must make one of these recipes using the TJ’s salsa TUH-DAY!!! You’re guaranteed to love it sis!

So diva, what is your favorite Trader Joe product? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!
I’ll be adding more of my fav’s to this list soon! Stay tuned!

P.S. want to have access to hundreds of black and brown women focused on living a healthy lifestyle?  Need more healthy recipes for your family?  Or maybe you need to shed a few pounds. Check out our VIP membership services (click here). We would love to serve you!


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