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The Truth About How To Take Fabulous Before and After Pictures

By February 7, 2018FITNESS Accountability

Welcome to Day 3 divas, It’s time to Face your Truth!!!

Let’s face it, the best way to see your progress is to document it! When the scale doesn’t show it, trust your pictures!!

Today’s orientation topic covers taking BEFORE and AFTER pictures. Quite a few divas shy away from taking before pictures, but let me be the first to tell you BEFORE PICTURES will be your best friend in 4 weeks.

In fact, your BEFORE PICTURES will be your testimony!! Yup, in just 1 month, if you follow the plan, your body WILL change!  Sacrifice your pride today and document your body as it is, RIGHT NOW. In 4 weeks, it will be your TESTIMONY of how far you have come.  

Please take before pictures seriously.  Be sure to ONLY WEAR a bra top and shorts (NO TSHIRTS ALLOWED)!

WE DO NOT SHARE YOUR PICTURES WITHOUT CONSENT.  THEY ARE KEPT PRIVATE & SECURE.  They will be collected this weekend via a secure link. This is an important part of your accountability!  No pictures, No coach, No partner, No challenge.  Take the pictures.

SO, STAND IN YOUR TRUTH, and FACE YOUR FAT!  We are facing the enemy together, and letting her know, “IT ENDS TODAY!!!” (in my Iyanla voice)   

Divas please believe, “You can’t defeat what you refuse to face“.  FACE HER, BEAT HER! Let’s GO!


  • Hands on hips or down to the side. 
  • Hold your challenge sign to the side using the phrase provided; OR hang it on the wall.
  • February 2018’s challenge phrase, I’m LOVING ME FIRST!

Camera Tips:

  • Make sure your camera is not angled up or angled down.  Take the picture straight ahead.  If you camera person is short have them to stand on something match your height.
  • Don’t take pictures with the light / sun BEHIND you make sure the light is in FRONT of you.
  • ZOOM in on your body only, we don’t need to see your room, only you in the frame.  
  • Make sure the wall is blank or stand in front of a closed door.  We only want to see you & your sign

Diane Front


  • Don’t suck it in, let it hang natually
  • Hands on hips or down to the side – whatever you chose for the other poses keep it the same.
  • Hold your challenge sign to the side using the phrase provided; OR hang it on the wall.
  • February 2018’s challenge phrase, “I’m LOVING ME FIRST!

Diane Side


  • Stand with feet together, solidly planted on the floor.
  • Hands on hips or down to the side – whatever you chose for the other poses keep it the same.
  • Hold your challenge sign to the side using the phrase provided; OR hang it on the wall.
  • February 2018’s challenge phrase, I’m LOVING ME FIRST!

Diane Back


We’ve seen some incredible “Before” and “After” photos…and we have also seen some that did not portray the person in the best light. The two most important factors are 1.  What you are wearing and 2.  Where you’re standing.

  • It’s best to use a digital camera. However if you don’t have one of those download a camera timer app to your phone.  This will allow you to get yourself in the best position and see what’s going on before the front facing camera on your phone shoots.  Make sure your phone is at a level that won’t be too far up or too far down.  Either level can make your pictures distorted.
  • Stand in front of a plain background or white wall. The less clutter in the background, and the more attention on you the better!
  • Wear swimwear or short bottoms and a sports bra.  Do not cover your midsection with a full shirt because you will not be able to really see the difference in your waist.  This scares a lot of ladies but the payoff is worth more than your fear.  We must be able to clearly see your face and abs in each photo so we can see your results and that it is you in both photos!
  • Take three different poses. Front facing, side facing, and back facing photos are required. You can put your hands at your sides, or your hips.  Whatever you choose, just make sure that you have before/after photos in the same pose, same clothes and the same location so we can accurately see your transformation!
  • Don’t suck it in or push it out – let us see the REAL YOU!

Your “Before” and “After” photos and measurements can be a better way to really see your progress and accomplishments along the way toward reaching your goal.  Just remember to go for it and take these photos.  It will feel really good to have those “Before” and “After” pics that you can keep forever to remind yourself of that awesome fitness and/or weight loss accomplishment.


  1. Update your Diva Planner’s February calendar for February 10th, your before pics are due at that time. If you don’t have a Diva Planner, update your phone calendar, or make a note of it in a place that you will get. Leave a note on your calendar to use the phrase, “I’m LOVING ME FIRST!” when taking your pictures.
  2. Leave a comment below to let us know what you learned about taking before pictures.  Share how you feel about taking the pics.
  3. Once you’ve completed reading, post the challenge phrase in the group, I’m LOVING ME FIRST! in our private Facebook challenge group. Tag your partner, Tag your coach
  4. Have you come up with a team name yet?  Make sure to work with your partner to create a creative one. One you’ve never heard or used before. Let’s those 20-18 juices flow!
  5. Share this post on FB, IG or Twitter using hashtag #IMLOVINGMEFIRST


  • Lynette Watson says:

    I learned how to stand up tall and not hold it in. Take 3 poses-front, side and back. Most importantly wear a bra top (no t-shirt).

  • Felicia Bivens says:

    I learned to make sure you have your sign visibly posted. Wear shorts, not pants…bra top not a shirt so you can see the change. And that pictures are to help you see the changes in your body as a way to measure progress outside of the scale.

  • Valerie says:

    I learned that this is going to be a challenging moment for me, but I have to “face the fat” to reach a healthy weight.

  • Deantwa Bush-Corbitt says:

    I have read about the before/after photos that I must take. I’m feeling like “I need to skip this assignment”
    😑. However, I’ma’ do it.

  • Maria Farmer says:

    I still hate the idea of pictures. But I’ve learned submitting them holds me accountable. Now I better see a change!!

  • Damita Green says:

    Camera angle needs to be direct – not angled.

    Your body & sign need to fill the frame. I realize I was not doing this. Will do better this time around.

  • Melissa Wells says:

    I must not forget to post my picture for tracking purposes.

  • Christal says:

    This is still an area that I’m not comfortable with but I truly understand that these before and after pictures tell the true story of our journey during the challenge. So I’m ready for Feb 10th.

  • Annette Slack says:

    I read it. I am ready, just have to get the time to take the photos. As I remember taking the photos are tough, and time consuming. I post in the group as soon as I figure how to get directly to the group.

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