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Virtual Accountability Group Policies for our Diva participants!

The Fab coaches of Fit, Fyne and Fabulous are estatic that you’ve joined us for our virtual accountability group.  Use this page to review the rules and guidelines of the group.

  1. You have been assigned an accountability partner, use them 🙂.
    1. Friend your partner on Facebook.
    2. Create a team name and make a team collage (see sample “Fabulous Treasures” above”.
    3. Post the collage to your tracker in our secret Facebook Group. This is due no later than the Friday prior to the start of the challenge by 8pm CST/9pm EST.
    4. Plan to communicate with your partner often.  Tag your partner on your sparkle pics
  2. Sparkle Pics are required, No Excuses!
    1. Follow your workout calendar.  Everyday a workout is listed we expect to see a sparkle pic posted in your tracker.
    2. Tag your partner in your sparkle pic posts in your tracker
    3. If we don’t see a post, your assigned coach will reach out to you.
    4. If we don’t see a post for 3 days in a row (with no communication) you will be gently removed from group.
  3. Your starting / before stats are required
    1. A picture of your toes on the scale is required
    2. Front, Side, and Back pictures are required.  Please look at this link to see how to take Fabulous before pictures.This is due no later than Friday prior to the start of the challenge by 8pm CST/9pm EST. http://fitfynefabulous.com/2015/02/04/the-truth-about-how-to-take-fabulous-before-and-after-pictures/
    3. Measuring tape pictures of your arms, hips, waist, thigh, and bust are required. Please see how to take them here:

      or here:
    4. Your measurements and pictures should be posted on our online tracker (the pictures are used to validate what you post here no later than the Saturday prior to the start of the challenge by 12 noon CST/1pm EST.– THE LINK TO POST WILL BE PROVIDED SOON
  4. Awards are granted Weekly, Stats are required Weekly – STATurday
    1. The coaches use your stats and rank them by the most inches and pounds lost
    2. The team who loses the largest % of body weight and inches (together) wins a free fitness related prize!
    3. Stats are due each Saturday at 12 noon CST/1pm EST.
    4. If we don’t see your stats at 12 noon CST/1pm EST (without communication) we assume you have quit the group, and you will be gently removed from the process.
    5. Stats are due very Saturday for 4 weeks  at 12 noon CST/1pm EST, please make a note / reminder for yourself.
  5. If you have any questions at all, reach out to your support coach, or assigned  accountability partner!!

We are glad you’ve joined us are uber excited about the pounds and inches you are about to lose!!!  Some of the results from previous groups can be found here – http://fitfynefabulous.com/2015/02/01/the-new-year-new-you-challenge-winner-is/


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