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We Don’t Sweat, We SPARKLE, hunty!!

By December 7, 2014FITNESS Accountability

Fit, Fyne and Fabulous is an active Facebook group of over 750 divas dedicated to gaining and maintaining their fabulousness thru fitness!

Each day we post what we affectionately call “Sparkle”.  “What is sparkle”, you ask?  Well, it’s the wonderful afterglow of a hard work out; where sweat is pouring down your face, and you are pumped from the endorphins that are generated from an awesome burn!

10841261_10203214081694698_1082317748_nSo, as the divas in our group say, “We don’t SWEAT, we SPARKLE”!  Right as the sparkle is pouring, pause, take a pic and post it to the group!!! We proudly post our sparkle each day in the group to 1) show off our burn; and, 2) to motivate the next diva to get up and SPARKLE hunty!!

If you need motivation to start your journey, join us on Facebook. You’ll be GLAD YOU DID!–> Fit, Fyne and Fabulous on Facebook

We are looking forward to seeing your sparkle!!

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