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Darlene Miller has been part of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous for a few months now.  She came to us through Coach Judia.  However, during this challenge she refocused her efforts and did an amazing job in our June SNATCHED WAIST FYNE challenge.  She shaved 2 inches off her waist in 4 weeks.

Check out what “4 weeks of worth it” looks like on Darlene and read her story below!!

How did you feel before joining us?
“Before the group I had low self-esteem, never wanted to go out anywhere, simply because this is not the body I wanted to carry with me.”

What made you join another challenge?
“The testimonials of the ladies the success that I have seen first-hand!”

How do you feel now?
“I can’t express it!! I want to go places with my body now!! I’m always striking a pose I feel SEXY and most of all healthy”

Darlene 2

 What is one of your favorite Non-Scale Victories?
“Being able to put on this one shirt I’m particular I only wore it once because it was so tight! I finally was able to wear it and it fit perfect!!!”

What are your next steps?
“To finish the second portion of Shaun T MAX-30! When I reach a certain weight I am gonna start building a little FLEX!  I have come too far to let it go!!! Thank you so much for introducing me to this group of phenomenal ladies! Ladies from all different day walks of life, with difficult obstacles to overcome!! Pure MOTIVATION!!”

All of the divas coaches of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous are very proud of Darlene; especially Coach Judia! If you would like to join her, just leave your email address in the comments, and you will be contacted!

Have an amazing day!
Coach GiGi
Garnett Taylor McNeill


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