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So let me tell you about Ms. Lisa.  I remember when she first reached out to me she told me that she didn’t want to lose that much weight.  She was really looking to just tone and drop a few pounds.  I also remember when she told me she didn’t want to do the shakes and all she wanted was the workouts.  I didn’t force anything on her.  I guided her to Beachbody OnDemand and she fell in love with Turbofire.

However, she wasn’t getting the results she was looking for because the nutrition piece wasn’t all the way there.  So in the middle of her first challenge she decided to get Shakeology and add it to the eating plan from 21 Day Fix along with Turbofire. She found that she LOVED the shakes and didn’t want to be without them.  So much so that she signed up to be a coach so she could get that 25% discount.

Well good old Coach G wasn’t just feeding her a bunch of hype.  In just 2 challenges Lisa was able to drop 28.90 lbs & 16.75 inches.  She did that in just 8 weeks.  Can you believe that??!!!!  Take a look at what she has to say about her experience.

11062915_10204425483132416_4057271863294585754_nLisa FrontHow did you feel before joining us?
“Before joining the group I felt “blah”. I felt disgusted with myself and so overwhelmed with the weight I had put on. I had an accident and was unable and unmotivated to work out being on medications and injured.”

What made you join the group?
“I joined the group because my friend Tamika signed me up. She tries everything but I’m glad I tried browsing and signing up for my first fitness challenge.”

How do you feel now?
Now I feel great! I feel full of energy and confident. One thing I was not expecting was for my mind and body not to match up. I can see the pictures and I know they don’t lie but mentally I just don’t feel like I look like the pictures. That’s a feeling I wasn’t expecting to have.”

 Lisa Image 2 Lisa Image
What is one of your favorite Non-Scale Victories?

“My favorite NSV to date is that I can be active with my kids again. That they are teenagers and one pre-teen and they still want me to play tennis with them and run with them or ride bikes with them. I haven’t been able to do that in a few years. Also, the fact that my “shaken belly syndrome” has almost been completely cured.”

What are your next steps?
“My next steps are to continue on this fitness journey. Now I want to help others learn ways to get and stay fit.”

Lisa as your coach I couldn’t be more proud of you.  You sharing openly and honestly with everyone has opened a new avenue for you.  Can’t wait to see what happens after the next challenge.

Have an amazing day!
Coach GiGi
Garnett Taylor McNeill


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