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I’m blessed to have the honor of saying I was able to help my high school buddy regain control of her life!  You see my girl Nicky, followed my FB page for months and saw all of the transformations of other divas.  She decided 4 weeks ago it was her turn!!

Check out what “4 weeks of worth it” looks like on Nicky and read her story below!!

How did you feel before joining us?
“Before joining I was depressed and didn’t even know it! I came home from work…sat in my room with my son and that was it. The weight was wearing me down. It was too much.”

How do you feel now?
“Now…I am feeling better than I have in years! I am getting out and moving! I come home…put my son down for his nap and then I pop in my DVD and get to work. I am moving and loving every minute of it. I feel really good. I am more active and I want to go out more…and I am re connecting with a lot of my old friends. My husband said whatever it is they have you doing…keep doing it! Don’t change it up and don’t stop!”


What are your favorite Non-Scale Victories?
“I can tell you my NSV because I nearly cried! Before the challenge I went to my daughter school and the campus is huge. I barely made it from the parking lot to the front office. I was out of breath and had to sit immediately. We had to go back to the school 3 weeks later and hunty I was ready! I walked that campus and was not even tired!!! My daughter could not believe her eyes! I loved it!. I have not moved this much in a long time!”

What are your next steps?
“This group is indeed heaven sent for me…I’m never leaving! Lol”

All of the divas coaches of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous are oh so proud of Nicky! If you would like to join her, just leave your email address in the comments, and you will be contacted!

Have an amazing day!
Coach TwyFit
Nicole Twyman


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