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Why are You Stuck At This Weight?

By June 24, 2020Education Nation

Before we get started, I want to explain the importance of understanding how your body works, so that you aren’t always blaming yourself for a “lack of progress”. The scale not moving, is not always a factor of you eating right or working out. Especially if you know you’ve been on track and doing all the right things. Sis, there are so many things that determine that number sis. The following post will discuss 1 of the many reasons. In fact, the topic we are discussing today it not common everyday knowledge, but it is 100% factual. Do your own research sis to validate. I love how the Bible puts it!

Proverbs 4:7
“…and with all thy getting get understanding”

Have you ever lost weight by crash dieting, and then began eating normally again, and you body brought you right back to almost the exact weight as you were before you started the diet?  

Have you ever worked out, ate well, drank water, slept like you should but still you’re stuck at the same weight for a looooong time, and just don’t understand why?

So allow me to introduce to some and remind others of the “Weight Set Point Theory.

Weight Set Point Theory answers the question,
“How Does Brain Control Your Weight?”

The brain plays a major role in the body’s energy balance and ultimately our weight management, kinda like it does for our blood pressure. A signal sent from the intestine to your brain adjusts appetite and metabolism. Them hormones don’t play sis!! That is why setpoint is also referred to as the body’s neurohormonal axis.

To maintain the particular weight range our body is used to, the brain adjusts our metabolism and appetite – increases hunger & cravings and reduces satiety & metabolism. The reverse will happen if you gain weight – the total metabolic rate increases and the body’s temperature raises to help burn off any unwanted calories.

So let’s break this down sis! If you’ve been the same weight for a very long time, your body adjusts to that weight, and will send appetite increasing signals to your BRAIN to help your body maintain that weight. To help your body maintain life as it knows it!

This is actually why on the first week of a challenge, you lose so much weight! Your body has not yet caught on to the change in your diet yet, so it continues to release fat at the same rate as it was before based on what you were eating before. So, if that was a lot of junk or excess calories, you can lose a lot during your first week of eating more healthy. However, once your body realizes,” Oh, wow, I have less food, less fat, less energy (calories), let me slow this down, so I can preserve what I have, so that I can stay alive for as along as possible. Cause I don’t know what is going on right now!” It’s actually trying to save you! Look up FIGHT or FLIGHT syndrome, it’s real thing our bodies were created to do! God is so awesome sis!

So at this point, you might ask yourself..
“How Do I Overcome this Weight Set Point thing?
How do I shift My Weight Set Point?”

That’s easy sis! Yes diva the answer is EASY!! You ignore the scale! You STOP DIETING! You have PATIENCE! You have GRACE! You give your body time to adjust to this new YOU!!! You start eating healthy and fueling your body with great drinks and foods as the norm, and not as a DIET that I’m doing for Summer. You make it a complete lifestyle!!  You keep going and your body will continue to regulate to the new weight.  Your body will actually begin to see the new rhythm / cycle of how much, what and when you eat, and it will ADAPT!!!!  this is why when you continue to eat the same thing over and over your body stops releasing weight. This is why when you do the same workout over and over your body stops changing!!

Can you believe how awesome your body is sis? God designed our bodies to LAST!!  The immune system, the nervous system, the digestive system… so many body systems created by GOD driven by hormones and many other factors all designed to keep you alive, and healthy!!!

We have to shift our minds away from the scale says I’m not losing so I quit!! To more of understanding what your body is actualy doing. It maybe trying to adapt and change for you! Some of us the changes is longer and some of us it’s shorter, LIKE OUR HEIGHT!  It’s your body baby!! Get to know her beyond just FOOD and SCALE; FOOD and SCALE!  


  1. Share below if you have heard of Weight Set Point Theory before? Have you ever noticed there’s one or two numbers your body always seems to go back to when you gain? Share your thoughts today!

  2. Let’s make this post a conversation. Please leave any questions you may have as well!

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  • Marlene Spencer says:

    This was great information to understand why it seems the scale isnt moving sometimes or u are at a standstill. I will be more mindful of how im fueling my body and less about the number on the scale. Being in tune with my body is so important and i wi definitely keep this in mind moving forward because its a lifestyle not a quick fix.

    • Coach Twy says:

      Yes, your body is working even when the scale doesn’t says so! Keep going! Stay Consistent.

    • LaKeisha says:

      Very helpful information and easy to understand.
      I’m guilty of scale fatigue and then quitting. The lifestyle should be my focus thank you

      • Coach Twy says:

        Scale Fatigue is a great way to describe it sis! thanks for reading and I pray this helps shift you away from that scale.

  • Janice Winstead says:

    Good word! Thanks for the reminder – love the teaching part of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous!

    • Coach Twy says:

      Thank you for reading, please help me share this post! Education is the cornerstone of what I do. I want ladies to leave FFF with the info to do this on their own! #educationNATION. I also focus heavily on inspiring you to continue #insprationNATION. Thanks for letting me know you found this post helpful! See you in the comments of the next one!

    • Vera Windham says:

      This is great and I do this all the time especially when I know I’m eating right drinking plenty of water 💦 and instead of going down the scale goes up it’s so freakin frustrating but one thing I will not do is quit on me. I’m gonna keep going no matter what!! I just wanna lose 25lbs why is it so hard and I see others make it so easy🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sonia Hart says:

    I learned this back in January,; so I keep applying the principle and don’t get discouraged when the scale doesn’t change.

    • Coach Twy says:

      That is how you were able to lose over 30 pounds and keep going!!! Congrats on developing a healthy relationship with the scale and thank you for sharing this post with others!

  • Brenda says:

    I learned so much from this article. Would you please share some recipes.

    • Coach Twy says:

      There are many recipes on this site sis. Click the magnifying glass above and search For whatever you are in the mood for. chicken fish or breakfast lunch. Use the search bar to grab your free recipes.

  • Natasha says:

    This was helpful I’ve never heard of weight point set theory…definitely learned something new.

    • Coach Twy says:

      That’s a blessing to hear! Keep learning and growing. You can read more about it online as well. Knowledge is power. the more we understand how our body works the more grace we give.

  • Trudy Shelton-Harris says:

    Thank Nicole! Great lesson. I try to focus on the changes in my body and inches loss, not the scale Since muscle weighs more than fat, I know I can’t go by the numbers on the scale alone for progress.

    • Coach Twy says:

      That’s a great way to be! Don’t focus on the scale. But muscle does not weight more than fat. 1 pound of fat weighs the same as 1 pound of muscle sis. 1 pound is 1 pound. Muscle just takes up less space, so it appears it must weight more if it’s a smaller amount yet weighing the same as fat which takes up much more space.

  • Leslie Hagans-Johnson says:

    Whew!! this is my issue. I can do the right thing for weeks and then finally my body will respond!!

  • Quila says:

    We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made thanks for the reminder 😀

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