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WINNING WEDNESDAY: Fall & Winter Skin Prep

Welcome Back to Fit, Fyne & Fabulous sisters! Today’s guest blogger is the CEO and Owner of EC Nourished (an all natural hair and skin care company), Diva Tia Williams.  One of my passions is to collaborate with other women owned, women led, black owned / led companies! So this post brings me pure happiness divas!!

Please note, that I have personally used the products mentioned in this blog, and wholeheartedly recommend them! They don’t disappoint! So, please listen in as Tia shares how to use them properly, and at the bottom of this post I share which of our VIP Divas won free products from EC Nourished!!  

So without further adieu…

How to Prepare your Skin for Fall and Winter?”
By Tia Williams

With Fall rapidly approaching, let’s not forget to show our skin the same care we did during the summer months. Just because we’re not on the beach doesn’t mean our skin doesn’t have to have that summer glow!

Here are a few tips I would like to share.
It helps me to get through our colder months with soft and smooth skin!

First, let’s avoid taking hot showers.

Yes, it may be relaxing but it’s also very drying for the skin. The hot water strips our skin of its natural oils. Instead, take a lukewarm shower and bath.


Next, it’s time to exfoliate!!!

Try exfoliating 2-3 times per week to get rid of dead skin. EC Nourished Sugar Scrub is made to get rid of the dead skin to make way for softer skin. While in shower, gently rub scrub in circular motion. Then rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.


Last, let’s lock in that moisture.

Rub your body down with EC Nourished Body Butter. This will lock in moisture from shower. Our butters are made with skin nourishing ingredients to replenish and balance. Leaving our skin soft and smooth. 

Let’s get prepared for the cold ahead of time with some TLC…your skin will thank you. Embrace that same summer glow during the fall and winter. It’s nothing like having soft skin that’s naturally nourished with skin loving butters and oils.


Tia Williams, CEO
EC Nourished
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Congratulations Daniella Grace, You’re our Build A Better Body Social Media Challenge Week 1 Winner!!

Thank you Diva for your success with Fit, Fyne & Fabulous! Losing 9.5 pounds and 3-1/2 inches from your waist in 5 days is OFF THE CHARTS! But this award is for you helping us share the good news of Fit, Fyne & Fabulous. Thank you Diva and enjoy your gifts from EC Naturals!

You have won my favorite products from EC Nourished: The Body Butter and the Sugar Scrub!  The scrub left my feet and body feeling sooo smooth, and the body butter was the icing on the cake! You’re going to love it! 

Thank you for joining our challenge, and keep sharing divas. Next Wednesday we will be announcing a new winner, Stay Tuned!! Share this post to enter!

Daniella please email [email protected] to claim your prizes sister!


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