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How To Become a Gallon Girl!

By July 7, 2020March 3rd, 2021Detox Drink

Hey, divas!  Fit Fyne & Fabulous is here help you stay hydrated and become a Gallon Girl! Many of us have struggled with getting the right amount of water consumed during the day.  Here are some tried and true tips from divas who have been there, done that, and made it happen!

  1. Reusable Water Bottle – Choose a water bottle that works for you and your lifestyle. Our FFF bottle fits in a gym bag, car cup holder and is easy to carry into a meeting. Click here to get your FFF Water Bottle!  Or if you prefer to drink from a much larger (click here) and get your Gallon Girl Gang on! Drinking from reusable bottles also helps you stay environmentally friendly! Use Promo Code: DIVAhood10 to get 10% off your entire order!
  2. Infusion – Infusing your water is a great way to add flavor to enhance the taste.  Depending on what fruits and herbs you decide to use, you can also add nutrients.  Check out our Sassy Diva Detox Water recipe here: Sassy Diva Detox Water!
  3. First Thing – Drink a full glass of water when you first wake up in the morning.  This will help kickstart your consumption and also helps to rehydrate you after a good (or not so good) night’s sleep.
  4. Timing is Everything – Set time goals so you can be conscious of how much you are drinking.  This method helps to spread out your consumption and helps you reach your goal incrementally. Our FFF water bottle is a great tool to help achieve this!
  5. Remember to do it – There are several free apps available that can help track your H2O intake during the day.  Some send reminders to help you when you have fallen behind. Or set reminders on your cell phone if you don’t want to download an app.
  6. Fill ‘er UP – Make sure your bottle or glass is never empty for long.  As soon as you drink it all, fill it immediately to avoid the empty container just sitting there and you missing valuable drinking time.
  7. Cheers to YOU – Every time you meet your goal, track it.  For every week or month you consistently make your goal, give yourself some sort of award. The FFF Healthy Habits Planner as a water tracking system. VIP divas can also track your intake in the FFF app.
  8. Swap it Out – Are you used to drinking soda or juice at certain times during the day?  Swap those out for a bottle of water.  It will increase your intake and cut down on the sugar you have been consuming.
  9. Glass Before Meals – Try to consume a glass of water 10-15 minutes before each meal.  Often our bodies feel hungry when it is really thirsty. This is a great way to increase your intake and also gauge if you are hungry or just thirsty.  Try not to drink during meals since it causes bloating and dilutes stomach acid needed for digestion.
  10. Get Your Crew – Having a group of like-minded individuals to cheer you on is always helpful!  The Divas of Fit, Fyne and Fabulous are here to help!


1. So diva, please leave a comment below and let me know are you going to be a gallon girl today? 

2. Also share what tips you plan to try or if you have some tips to share that aren’t listed.  Come back after you’ve tried some and let us know how it went. We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Laverne White says:

    I try to be a gallon girl every day since seeing the tremendous benefits of achieving that goal. I’m averaging about 4/7 days but striving for 7. I use a bottle that has times marked on it and I set my phone as a reminder. I love diffused water and that has made drinking it easier. I usually diffuse with lemons, cucumbers and mint. Along with water just being overall great for my system, it’s filling. I find myself fuller which leads to me eating less.

    • Coach Melita says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, Laverne! It has been so exciting to see you achieve your goals to get the body and health you want. Keep getting Water Wasted with us!

  • Deleatha Foster says:

    I am a Gallon Girl! I use a variety of containers to consume my water from a portable 1 liter container, when I am on the go to a 2 liter or a gallon container on my more stationary. I am a water drinker; I can drink it plain. Sometimes I jazzy it up by adding a variety of additives, like mint leaves, lemons & limes or their juices, ginger, cucumbers, various fruit and aloe vera juice.

    Water is an important fluid; it’s a major part of your body!

  • Coach Twy says:

    I love this post Coach Melita. One of my favorite tips is to drink while I workout, that is an easy 27-32 ounces because I’m usually so thirsty during that time. I also try to bring my water bottle to the kids activities and try to complete one bottle while I’m there. I’m always thinking of ways to challenge myself to stay hydrated! Because as you mentioned it could really just be hunger. Most times I drink water and the urge to eat is delayed. Thanks for documenting some of our best #gallonGIRL tips!

  • Valerie McKenzey says:

    I start drinking my gallon as soon as I wake up. I like to be hydrated before working out. I try to time myself to make sure I can get my gallon before 9:30 p.m., otherwise I have to wake up during the night to use the bathroom. If I’m out of the house I do not make my gallon because I don’t want to use public restrooms. I love my gallon bottle & 32 ounces bottle, it makes it easy to track my water.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I’m going to put forth a good effort in becoming a gallon girl. I understand the importance and benefits. Ordered my gallon jug with time increments and motivating words to keep me on track. Let’s go!

  • Robin Brown says:

    I will become a gallon girl as that will be one of my goals for September.

  • Varelle Green says:

    I was doing a gallon but found out that was too much for me. All the tips are amazing. I will definitely add fruit to my water .

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