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Insanity Max 30, the Fabulous Fat Killer!!

By May 30, 2015Uncategorized

rhonda-2So what is Insanity Max 30? Well it is just the most insane 30 minutes of your day! Shaun T. brings us a new fitness program where he promises to transform our bodies in 60 days in just 30 minutes a day. BUT to get those results you have to MAX OUT every workout!

When you go as hard as you can, with as much intensity as you can, to where you can’t do even 1 more rep with proper form, and you have to take a break, is when you MAX OUT. Just stop, catch your breath, and jump right back in until the 30 minutes are up.

Our very ownΒ Coach Dea Myers is a member of the cast and her amazing Before and After Pictures are featured in the literature! Β Can you find her in the image below :-)!


Insanity Max 30 includes 12 workouts on 10 DVDs, plus Shaun’s Wall Calendar and Max Out Tracker, the Nutrition to the Max Guide and No Time to Cook Guide, and the Max Out Guide to help you optimize your 60-day transformation.

No equipment is needed for this program. The workouts do not include difficult choreography, but instead is more like interval training where you do a single exercise for 60 seconds before moving to the next exercise.

Now, don’t be scared, there is a modifier for each exercise, and the DVDs include a track in which you have a camera view of the modifier moves during the entire 30 mins (see photo). Believe me, you can still MAX OUT following the modifier! Insanity Max 30 also comes with a great portion control nutrition program that is very similar to the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan.

If you are ready to get shredded, ready to take your fitness to a new level, ready to give it your all for 30 minutes a day, and ready to optimize your nutrition, then Insanity Max 30 could be your solution.

Coach Rhonda


  • tynica50 says:

    I’m a witness that this program is a Fat Killer. The muscle I have developed since starting this program has been amazing…. I began to fall in love with my body so much I’m going at it for a second round.

    Determined to kill this fat!!!!

  • IMAX30 is the BEST WORK OUT EVER! It shreds and defines with NO WEIGHTS, and all I DO IS THE MODIFIER!!!! Best workout ever!

  • gigimcneill says:

    Insanity Max 30 is AMAZING!!! You can just follow the modifier the entire time and get great results. And the awesome part is that you are competing against yourself using your own body weight. You go as hard as you can until you MAX OUT. And then when you do that same workout again you try to beat your last time. I lost crazy weight and toned up with this program. I highly recommend it.

  • Keke says:

    Considering this for the hubby…glad it has a modifier!

  • Coach Bo says:

    Coach Rhonda, excellent blog! Insanity Max 30 pushes you past your limit every time you press play!!!! But you better have your E&E!!!!

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