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By January 18, 2015Uncategorized

We started the new year with 46 women (that’s 23 teams) dedicated to fitness!  That alone was amazing!!!
They are/were ready to battle it out for 4 weeks!  Each team reported their weight and inches on STATurday.  The diva coaches of Fit, Fyne and Fabulous are floored by the two weeks results.  Have a seat for this one ladies!

Get this, together, our 46 divas in two weeks lost, OMG……. 134.7 lbs and 87 inches!!!  And yes, as always, we have pictures to PROVE it!  GOOD GOD Almighty we are shifting waistlines in the 20-FIT-teen!!!  We are excited for all the ladies and their respective partners.

However, there’s only one team that can win the FREE weekly prize.  The team who lost the most inches and the largest % of their own body weight is……

Everlasting Beauties, rose to the top of the pack!!!

Everlasting Beauties, rose to the top of the pack!!!

Together these ladies lost 8.6 pounds and 8 inches this week!!!
Because of their hard work, they win some amazing supplements to help them on their journey!!  Please join me in congratulating these “EVERLASTING BEAUTIES”!!!  GREAT JOB TEAM!  Oh so proud!!!

Week 2 results


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