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By October 22, 2018Be Inspired, Divas Who Pray

Hello Divas!!

As always I hope you all are living your best life, filled with healthy lifestyle choices, happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment.

This seems to be the year of reflecting on my childhood…LOL!

I say that because I have been thinking about life…well my life in particular. One of the things I have been focusing on is how I react to life issues, tasks, changes, situations, etc…

When I was a young adult (about 16 or 17), my mom would say to me to check my attitude whenever I was about to do something, or when I was asked to do something. She would challenge me to see the good in my situation, but back then I took these golden nuggets as lectures on how I needed to be a better person (ironically offense, stress and anxiety resulted).

I didn’t understand why she would tell me this, until one day I realized that I approached most my life situations with a certain mind-set. Okay, mainly a negative mind-set. I would approach a situation, issue or problem with negative thinking, and sure-as-the-sun-rises  I would be stressed out and I would develop major anxiety.

Looking back on a lot of my life, I did a lot of complaining. See, I had this habit of allowing my thoughts to focus on the negative instead of the positive.

So about a month ago I decided to approach a situation with a very positive attitude.

I prayed and asked God to help me to stay positive and try to enjoy the moment. When I made that decision to think positively and have a good attitude about my situation I actually enjoyed myself.

The situation actually could have been stressful but because I decided to think positively everything worked out fine. And I didn’t have one bit of anxiety or stress. Praise God!

One scripture that helps us to think positively is Philippians 4:8

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about these things.”


If we actually put this scripture into practice I believe our anxiety would decrease, our stress would go away, our relationships would improve and we would be much happier and peaceful women.

Basically, this scripture is saying to take control over your mind (thoughts) and direct it to focus on truth, nobility, righteousness and purity, lovely and whatever is admirable.

If we did this, we wouldn’t worry or stress about what might happen or what we think someone will say if we don’t do something or if we do, do something.

I’m still going through this lesson, even as I type this blog post. But I am grateful that God reveals these things to me and He is right there to help me overcome them. What a mighty God we serve. 

I hope my transparency and vulnerability will help someone else who might be struggling with stress, anxiety or just plain old negative thinking.

As we go about our daily lives, let’s try to look at every situation with Philippians 4:8 in mind. Let’s see how God uses this scripture to help us think more positively, reduce stress and anxiety or maybe help someone else who might be dealing with negative thinking.



Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving us enough to show us our faults and ways. Thank you for giving us Biblical foundation to help direct and guide us to be more like the women you originally created us to be.

As we continue to grow in You, help us to incorporate Philippians 4:8 into our daily lives. Help us to think on the things that are 






and Admirable

In Jesus Name we pray,



  • Tarra C Johnson says:

    I work on thinking positively daily. I have no problem seeing good in people. However when I have a task I tend to defeat myself before I even get started with “what ifs.” If I focus more on what is in the present and not the negative of what could happen (that hasn’t even happened), changing it to focusing more on the positive that could happen I think I would move forward In life tasks with more vigor and excitement for what’s to come instead of doom and gloom.

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks so much for sharing. Girl those ‘what if’s’ can either cause anxiety or they can make us excited and happy…its actually up to us.

  • Auntie Ernise says:

    Awesome blog.

    Keep them coming.

    Love you

    Auntie Ernise

  • Trudy Shelton-Harris says:

    Thank you Diva Cil for that very inspirational and much needed word😁 It was right on time as I struggle with major depressive disorder and sever anxiety. I was always a very positive person and had aspirations of becoming a motivational speaker. However, severe life changes altered that course but I truly believe that this is all apart of my testimony!! Thank you so much for this inspiration and motivation. Trudy

    • Priscilla says:

      Trudy thank you for sharing. I am with you and this might just be your platform to be that motivational speaker you aspire to be…and you probably already are. #nevergiveup

  • Jocelyn R. says:

    I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time and it can feel crippling. Sometimes simple things like getting up, going outside, saying hello or sending a text message to reach out can feel impossible. When negative thoughts creep in and flood your mind the physical ramifications settle in as well. I’ve been trying to change that through positive thinking and affirmations and this is confirmation that I’m moving in a right direction. Thank you for the inspirational motivation.

    • Priscilla says:

      Jocelyn, thank you for sharing. Anxiety and depression is real and something we shouldn’t take lightly. You are on the right track…dont give up. God has you and so does your circle of divas.

  • Krista Gaddist says:

    I truly believe that positivity brings about positivity. I will indeed think on those things that bring about positivity as this saith the Lord!! Amen!

  • Chasity says:

    Thank you for sharing! This read was right on time for me. I have experience a number of things in the last few months where I didn’t look at the situation in a positive way. I know it’s important to always think of everything in a positive way, even when it seems bad. I refused to allow my Circumstances to change my outlook on life and change my attitude!

  • Latasha says:

    Thank you for reminding me the importance of keeping my mind focused on the right things. I agree with you. What you focus on in life is what you get.
    Be Blessed!

  • Patricia Warsley says:

    Your parents are grateful to God for your ministry. Even though we instill the word in our daughter we also stand on it continually. We’re continuing to grow in Grace, thank you sweetheart God bless you.
    Your Mother.

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