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Salted Caramel Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie

Salted Caramel Vegan Protein Breakfast Smoothie
Serves 1
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  1. 1 Scoop of Salted Caramel Vega One Protein Shake
  2. 1 Tablespoon of Vegan Coconut Creamer
  3. 1 Banana
  4. Ice (more ice if you want it like a frosty, less ice for more a of a smoothie consistency)
  5. 1/4 cup of UnSweetened Coconut Milk (from the carton, not the can)
  6. dash of cinnamon
  1. Add ice and Milk to your blender
  2. Next Add Banana and Vegan Creamer
  3. Add a Dash of cinnamon
  4. Always add your protein powder last
  5. Blend until all ingredients are fully blended
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!
Vegan Coconut Creamer can be purchased here
  1. https://fromthereserve.com/
  2. Use Discount code FitFyneFab30 for 30% off
  3. Salted Caramel VegaOne can be found in Target, WholeFood or Vitamin Shoppe. The easiest way to order is via Amazon though: https://amzn.to/38JKXSM
Fit, Fyne & Fabulous https://www.fitfynefabulous.com/

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