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Woman Crush Wednesday – TOYA CROWDER

Toya’s thyroid disease has met its match, and her name is PERSISTENCE!

  • While her weight loss is slower than most other divas in our virtual support group, IT IS STILL HAPPENING!
  • While she has to be a bit more patient than the most, RESULTS ARE STILL HAPPENING!

You see, Toya has resolved to never give up and never back down!  She plans to REACH HER FITNESS GOALS!  I am beyond blessed that she decided to do it with Fit, Fyne & Fabulous!

Hear from Toya in her own words as she shares her weight loss struggles with her thyroid disease via the linked videos below.

Toya Thyroid2

What advice would you give others who are looking to start their journey?

How many pounds and inches have you lost thus far?

What made you start your journey?

What are some of the obstacles you have overcome to achieve your current results??

I am so inspired by Toya’s dedication to her own health!  I’m also IMPRESSED by her willingness to share her story to help inspire YOU to get started!  If you are ready to join us, our help is ABSOLUTELY FREE! This, my friends, is our fitness ministry!! Join us by leaving your email in the comments below and you will be contacted soon!

Be Fab!!
Coach Twy
[email protected]


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